Applying for a college: What to put on a resume?

When applying for a college, we typically have a first experience with the resume writing. It is not easy to compose a good resume for high school students, especially when the education system fails again… Well, teachers did not teach them how to do it and they do not have any experience with resume writing.

What more, you can hardly ask for an advice your parents. Resume for college application is specific and can hardly be compared to resume for job application. In this article, we will try to outline how to do it well for a college purposes It shall help you with your very first resume writing.


Sections you need to include on your resume



This is a most important section on your student resume. It is a part that decides if the employer reads the whole resume, or if it ends in the rubbish bin.
In this part, you should list the following:

  • Your name
  • Your personal motto (should be something related to studies or motivation)
  • Three or four key abilities you have.


Let’s have a look at such an introduction:

Matija Huelele
Personal motto: “You can give it up anytime. So why not to wait until tomorrow?”
I am reliable, creative and passionate student with big dreams and motivation to achieve it.



In this part you should list your education. If you had good marks in your school leaving examination, we advise you to include this on your resume. Look below at the example:

Kensighton Technical High School. Long Avenue 32/1 Massachusetts
Finished with school leaving examination.
Marks: Math- A, Physics-A, Chemistry-B, English and Literature-A



In the activities part on your resume, you should list everything you do after the school. It helps the people on the college to understand your profile better. You should list there things like:

  • Music instruments you play
  • Any sporting activities you have
  • Courses and classes you take beyond school


Try to describe this in a simple way. The ideal resume from a point of view of college workers should not be more than one page long. Do not waste the space with long descriptions. Simply list your activities and that’s it.


Abilities and skills

This is a very important part on the student resume. You should describe yourself there as a person. We advice you to use the skills and abilities that are relevant for the college. Computer skills and language skills do also belong on this section on a student resume. Let’s have a look at an example:


  • I am very creative and have my own point of view on things
  • I like to work in the team and be with the others
  • My motivation is always high, I am very competitive
  • I do speak Spanish
  • I can work with MS Office, as well as Adobe Photoshop


Working experience

If you have any working experience, you can list it on the resume for college application. If you do not have any, it will be better to not include this part on resume.


This is not a resume for a job – please keep it on your mind… There is no standard for for it and you can use your creative spirit when writing it. Just keep in mind to make it one page long only, with your photo on it and with a good, eye catching introduction. I wish you good luck with your college application!