Cover page – a must for a job nowadays

To write a good resume is simply not enough nowadays. Without an appropriate cover page, your chances of getting a job are negligible. By including a cover page in your job applications, you send a clear sign of interest and determination to get the job. It is always good to make something extra. However, cover page is more less a must nowadays…

To stand to its purpose, it needs to fulfill several characteristics. Otherwise it would not help you at all. We will describe and summarize all these characteristics now briefly.


Characteristics of a great cover page for resume


1. It has to be original.

Cover letter should reflect your desires, your goals and your personality. To just copy-paste a good cover page you find online would be a huge mistake. You can calmly ask 100 people that receive interview invitations typically. All of them wrote the cover page on their own.


2. It needs to be job related.

Many job seekers forget on this crucial advice when it comes to writing this piece of paper… Well, it is nice that you love to be surrounded by children. Also, the employer will appreciate your passion for teaching that you mention in your cover letter. However, you will not receive an interview invitation if you apply for any other job than teaching job, with such a covering page…

You always need to understand what matters for the job. Think for a while about it.. What qualities are important? What personality characteristics matter? When you find the answers, mention it on your covering page.


3. Compose it from heart. Employers are tired from general phrases.

Experienced leader with proven track of achievements or team player with an ability to deliver.


Employers just read too much of these statements every day. It worked well in the past. But today, you have very little chance to succeed with such statements.

Try to write your cover page for resume in simple words. Avoid phrases that everyone else uses. Try to be more creative. Be honest and speak openly. In the are of actors, employers love such an attitude.


4. Write a separate letter for every job you are applying for.

It is a good idea to adjust the job application a little before sending it to the employer. Even such a simple things like mentioning a company name on it, or the name of the position, could make miracles. Do you not believe me? Well, try it yourself to see!

Looking at such a letter, employer knows that this application is important for you. If it wasn’t, you would send just a general letter. And that’s, generally speaking, bad solution…



We live in difficult times now. Every day there are less job openings available. And every day, you compete with a higher number of job seekers, of unemployed people. Many of these people will be well prepared. You can either do the same and try to beat them – for example with a good cover page, or you can be jobless forever. The decision is up to you…