Many people dream of Google jobs… But will the dreams come true?

It is a dream of more than million people a year to get job at Google.  How do I know it? Well, Google proclaims to receive this number of job applications every single year. It is quite enough, isn’t it?

To write an outstanding cover letter is simply a must. In fact, when we speak about jobs at Google, you need to do everything perfectly. To be among the little chosen group of new hires from the pool of one million job applicants is not a piece of cake…

You definitely need to stand out from the crowd. Your job application must be shining. It must be shouting on the hiring managers at Google – “Hey dude, notice me!” It is the only way how to get a chance in the face to face interview. Anyway, let’s have a look at such a cover letter that can do it for you!


Sample Google cover letter


Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am glad to present my credentials to you in regards to hiring me to work for Google. I always wanted to be part of Google and consider it to be one of a kind company in history. I have been working on this dream for a long time and grew into a potential strong asset for Google Team.

Just the best can work for Google and I belong to the best. I posses a rare knowledge of strong IT skills base combined with high level of emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills. I believe that this is the combination you could be looking for.

As a graduate from MIT and London MBA college, it is guaranteed that I truly understand not only the subject of IT, but also the subject of business. I always try to connect the most advanced IT technologies and applications with the masses of common people, exactly like Google does it.

we live in era of information. Everything is interlinked nowadays, more as it has ever been. People like me can connect all the parts together and produce a great results for the employer, for you.
Feel free to contact my personal references on the attached resume regarding the feedback to my work.

With my creativity, responsibility, passion for my work and for Google itself, I apply for a position of creative developer. I look forward to interviewing with you to discuss in detail my qualification and vision.

Nathan Travinson


This is a good example of  a cover letter for one of the most famous companies in a world… Nathan present himself as a unique applicant for the job and gives the hiring managers several reasons to invite him for the interview. It should inspire you to compose your own perfect cover letter. Not ready yet? Check out some more cover letter samples on