Good Resume is Not Everything

Many people put too much emphasis on their resume. Some guys with good University degree believe that having this degree on a resume means automatically getting a job.

While this might be true 10 or 20 years ago, it’s definitely not true anymore. The economy is tough and employers can not hire you just because of your degree or other fact on your resume.

At the same time, the resume writing has become so much complicated as it was before. It’s more an art than a science. Just think about it for a while. We live in a digital era. Young guys are extremely skilled when it comes to working with computer. They can easily create an outstanding resume that catches the eye of the employer, choosing the right format, working with some great resume tips and simply doing everything right.

If they succeed in this, the content of their resume is not so important anymore…


Resume is just a first step towards a great job

Your work is far from being done when you publish your new excellent resume. There are still so many things to do… First of all, you should work on your cover letter and make the right first contact with the employer. This step is typically underrated by job seekers. However, the recruiter can easily recognize if you reacted to the offer just like to hundreds other offers, or if you really care about this one and wants to get this job.¬† Needless to say, he should have the second impression.


Interview preparation  -the alpha and omega

People with great resume often expect to be automatically hired. Well, it could be a case in the stone age, but definitely not right now… In most of the interview processes, you will compete with tens if not hundreds of other applicants who wants to get the job as badly as you do, if not more!

If you want to have any chance, it is crucial to prepare before an interview, check online some interview questions you can get, or to even purchase several lessons of job interview coaching, to ensure the best possible preparation.


Right personality for the job

Recruitment has evolved a lot in the past decades. While 20 years ago, the most important factor for employee selection was suitable education and experience, nowadays things are completely different… Most companies have perfect training programs as well as other instruments to prepare you well for the job. Therefor, the personality, abilities and skills and your potential is what matters nowadays.

If you plan to come to an interview and pretend to be Mr. Important with a perfect resume and degree, you can as well save yourself some money and reputation and do not go there at all!

Remember my words – Resume is just the first stone on your way of building a perfect career. Of course, without having this stone, you can hardly built a house. Speaking in normal terms, you can not get any interview invitations without having a perfect resume and a good cover letter. But your work should not finish at this place. As a clever job seeker, you should devote your time also to the preparation for the interview and other things mentioned in this article. That’s the best way how to make the grade in the interviews and score yourself a job.