Receptionist has a special place in a hotel

Receptionist is a specific person in every hotel. She is typically the first person to meet with the customers of the hotel. And as you know for sure, the first impression is made only once. That is why a good receptionist is so important for every hotel…

Our receptionist cover letter examples come from real job seekers, that successfully applied for the job of receptionist. They knew how to make a good impression. They knew how to present themselves on a simple job application of on a covering letter. They knew what the employer wants to see an hear from an applicant for receptionist position. You can know it also. Inspire yourself with our letters!

Number one: From the communicative person


Dear Mr. Graham,
I was thrilled when I found your job advertisement for a position of receptionist in hotel Hilton. Hilton was always my favorite hotel chain. I like the approach of the receptionists to the customers of your hotel. They are exactly like me – always smiling, communicating a lot with the people and building a relationship with the customers from the first minute.

I believe that I am a perfect person to join your team. Not only that I have the same philosophy in my work, I also can speak two foreign languages and have experience with the work of a receptionist.

If you decide to give me a chance in the job interview, I will be more than happy to come. Please, feel free to call me anytime.

Hotel Receptionist Maria King


Number two: The skilled one with references

Dear Mr. Duncan,
I decided to apply for the position of receptionist in hotel Sheraton. I decided to do so from several reasons:
– First of all, I love the job of a receptionist and have been doing it for the past ten years. Please, feel free to contact my previous employers regarding the feedback to my work. The references are on the attached resume.
– Secondly, I really like Sheraton, its policy and the role of the receptionists there.

I am ready to combine my communication skills, strong background as a popular receptionist and my passion for consumer satisfaction with the unique policy and culture of hotel Sheraton.

Thank you for your time and I really hope to meet you in the interview
Dianne Reane


These were two examples of a decent cover letter for receptionist. Find the inspiration in it and compose your own, perfect cover letter. We wish you good luck in your receptionist job search!

PS: Have a look at the objective for receptionist resume also and if you make it to the final stage of your job search – an interview, prepare for all the receptionist interview questions upfront.