Time to compose a GOOD objective

When preparing an objective for resume, we often have doubts…

  • What to mention as my main objective?
  • Should the objective reflect my personal desires only, or should it be more related to the job I am applying for?
  • How long should a good objective for resume be?
  • Is it a good idea to change the objective for resume when I apply for different types of jobs?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are on a right way. Good objective on your resume can be your invitation for countless interviews, if you learn to write it the right way. In this article we will present you several samples of it and give you general tips how to write one. Let’s start with the tips now.


Tips on how to write a good objective for resume


Write an objective the employers will feel good reading, not the objective you feel good reading.

This is actually a huge mistake job seekers do. It is nice to feel good about your resume objective, to imagine all the goals and achievements you have written there. But think about it for a moment. Is the employer really interested in that? I bet he cares only about his own goals and interest. How you could help him to achieve his goals is what he feels good about reading on a good objective for resume. Keep it in mind please.


Write a unique objective

Employers have read enough phrases through the course of years. If you just copy a good looking phrases about yourself and place it on resume, you will not succeed. Best objective for a resume is definitely an original one. The one that you write on your own. The one that reflects your character and identity.


Please, do not forget what job you are applying for.

You should adjust the objective to the job you are applying for. It makes no sense to send the same objective to every employer. Every company has different expectations from you. Also, the working duties differ. The most successful job seekers always adjust their objective to the job they are just applying for. It is the hidden secret of the successful.



Samples to understand it better

Okay, that was the theory. Now it is time to look at some samples of good resume objective. Notice please, that we always mention the position the objective is targeted for.


As a responsible and detail oriented person with practical experience with corporate accounting, I am looking for a job in a company that can benefit from my accounting skills and experience. (good objective for person applying for a job of accountant)


Being a responsible, detail oriented and hard working person, I am looking for a job of administrative assistant in a company with good reputation and organized working environment, exactly like [name of the company where you are sending your application to] is. Approaching my work with smile and passion, I really hope I can help you to not only carry out all the daily working tasks, but also to feel good in your daily job. (good objective for resume of administrative assistant job hopeful)


Being extremely creative, self driven and marketing obsessed person, I am looking for a position in a company where I can use these skills. My objective is to make an impact on the marketing industry and on the profit loss statement of my employer in a positive way, while doing what I like the best – creating marketing campaigns. (marketing manager resume objective)


I always loved to help other people, especially those suffering one. That is why I have chosen my career of a nurse. I am looking for a position in a high quality and demanding working environment, and I found your clinic as such a place. I am keen to use my strong responsibility, patience, communication skills and an ability to make other people feel good and happy to help you to maintain and even improve the already great reputation of your institution. (good nursing objective for resume)


We hope that you have found some inspiration in this article. You should be able to compose your own exceptional resume... The one that reflects your personality and the job you are applying for. Good luck!