Employers and Employees – What do they need to know about job application?

Doesn’t matter if you are an employer or a job seeker, you should be able to compose some application for an employment… This document can be send to any employer in the world with a clear intention – to get a job. However, in order to have good chances of succeeding, you should not forget on any important parts on your personal application.

There are several mandatory and several optional parts of this document. We will now look at these parts and try to show you how to get the max of it. Application can be in some way compared to a resume. It can be written well and it can be written badly. The number of received job interview invitations reflects this fact.


Mandatory and Optional Parts of your application


Personal Information

  • Name
  • Present Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Other personal details


For employers: It is crucial to include all of these parts. It makes no sense to have an application without the contact details for example.
For job seekers: You should always fill in all the personal information. Do not forget to double check your phone number. It will be very unfortunate if the employer wants to call you but can not reach you.


Desired Employment

  • Position
  • Possible start date
  • Are you employed now?
  • Refereed by
  • Your salary expectations


For employers: You should always include this section on the application form. Otherwise, it will be tough to find out what job the applicant was applying for and what are his or her expectations. It helps you also to filter out candidates with unrealistic desires.
For job seekers: Be humble but honest. Do not expect an exceptional salary in the beginning. You should rather write a smaller figure and negotiate it in the interview after that. If you can include the referral, you should always do it. Referrals are very important for employers and can secure you an invitation for interview. It is advisable to attach also contact details to the referral. Regarding the date you can start, ASAP is a good answer.



  • Grammar school
  • High School
  • College
  • Other courses and education
  • For every degree of education – Year of start, year of finish, diploma, key subjects.


For employers: Do not overdo it with education if it is not important for the job. It will not help you when considering the applicants. Anyway, you should always ask the applicants about the key subjects, so you can understand their education better.
For job seekers: Fill in your details. Focus on subjects and courses that are relevant for the job. General education represents no advantage for you.


Skills and abilities

  • Personal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Special skills
  • Computer skills
  • Driving license
  • Other skills important for the job


For employers: You should include here everything important. If your applicants need driving license, you should ask them about it. It make no sense to invite someone for the interview and then reject him because he does not fulfill one of a basic requirements. It is good to ask the candidates also about strengths and weaknesses to get initial picture about both abilities and confidence of the candidates.
For job seekers: You should write as much as you can in this section. Focus on the abilities that are related to the job and that can help you to differentiate from other applicants. General phrases will not help here.


Working experience

  • Name of the employer
  • Date of work from to
  • Address of the employer
  • Salary
  • Position
  • Reason for leaving


For employers: Do not be afraid to demand lots of info from applicants on this part of your application form. Practical experience is the most important part of it. To know the salary of the applicant and his reasons for leaving a job can help you to analyze his wishes and needs better.
For job seekers: You should always include as many employers here as possible. If you do not have much of a real working experience, include here some part time jobs or roles you had on school. It is better than nothing. You should be honest about your salary and reason for leaving. Employer can easily verify these things.



  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Business
  • Position
  • Relation to you


For employers: Many employers forget to ask for the phone number of references. However, reference is for nothing without the phone number. You should try to get it.
For job seekers: You should always include at least one personal reference, even if it was a school teacher. However, it is advisable to call this person before to inform him about this.


Closing details

  • Date
  • Place
  • Signature
  • Closing formulation and thank you note


For employers: Do not forget to thank the candidate for his application. It helps you to create better image of the company.
For job seekers: Pretty much nothing you can do here. Just do not forget to write a date and sign the general application for employment.


That’s it! Hopefully you can prepare and fill in a job application now. We wish you good luck in your job search!
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