How to impress food service managers with your application?

Food service is an important starting point for many of us… Especially if you have no experience, or are able to work only part time (being a student for example), a position of server or waitress in food service is a good place to gain first working experience and positive references. However, many people will be in the same position like you – they will also need a first job, they will also be able to work only part time, etc. That’s why you need to think how to compose an exceptional resume…


Hand it to the right hands 🙂

First of all, before you even try to think how to write your resume, it is important to realize one thing:

You need to hand your resume directly to the manager of food service and make a good impression on him.

You can see the opposite situation happening all around the world – young people go to apply for a job in food service and hand their resume to cashier or server…

What do you think, honestly: Do these people really pass your resume to the manager?

… Of course they do not do so. They do not want to be replaced. And if there are any new vacancies, they prefer to help their own friends and recommend them for the job.

So if you do not apply for a position online, you should definitely do your best to meet with the manager of food service shop and give him your resume in hand. Let’s have a look now at some samples of food service resume parts.


Important section on your resume, from a point of view of food service manager


1. Your picture

Applicants for food service positions tend to be very similar – little or no experience, young, students, etc. That’s why a nice looking picture of your smiley face can give you an extra advantage over the other applicants (most people do not include picture on resume).

What more, food store and fast food stations managers know that consumers prefer good looking and smiley servers. That’s why they will for sure prioritize your application if you choose a good photo for it. We do not recommend a picture from your high school graduation – it is too unrealistic. You should simply choose a nice, natural, smiley photo of you.


2. Resume objective

Good applicant for a food service position should not have any big career goals. You know, employers do prefer to hire someone for a long time. They do not have time to look for a new employee every month. That’s why it is important to let them know that you are loyal and look for long term food service position.
Note: It does not matter if this is true or not. You can get the job and leave in three months time. It’s your right.

I have good customer service skills and I really like to work with food. I am looking for a food service position, where I can stay for a long time and do my job better every day.


That is a simple example of effective resume objective for food service. In two sentences you tell the employer all he wants to hear!


3. Working experience

Employers in food service know that most of the applicants will have very little if any working experience. However, it is good to show them that you have at least some experience and are able to do the repetitive tasks for a long time. Even if you have no real working experience, you can mention that you served food on some family gatherings or had such part time job before.  Anything is better than nothing, that’s a general resume writing rule to remember :).


4. Your education

If you mention that you are currently a student, it is important to write also that you can adjust your classes in order to be able to work when they need you in food service. This is a nice gesture from you in the eyes of the employers. Employers will see your true interest for the position and give you credit for sacrifices. Apart from this fact, it does not matter too much what you write into education section on your resume. At the end of the day, you will receive training in every food service store.


5. Personal characteristics and abilities

This section is very important for food service applicants. Together with your career objective and picture, personal skills represent the only section where you can differentiate from the competition. We recommend you to mention here as many skills as possible, such as:

  • Quick learner
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good team member
  • Good listening skills
  • Able to work under supervision as well as independently
  • Very motivated
  • Passionate about any type of work
  • Positive thinking
  • Other skills…


6. Additional sections on food service resume

If you want, you can include also some other, non-compulsory section on your resume:

  • Language skills – we do not recommend to include it if you are not at least advanced in some language
  • Computer skills – not very important for food service positions. Again, we do not recommend to include it on your resume for this position.
  • Personal references – most likely, you do not have any personal references in this stage of your career. But if I am wrong, you can definitely include some of your previous bosses on the resume.


That’s it! We hope that you are able to compose your own resume now… Or not? Then, here is a sample, as well as other useful articles for you!

Food service resume example