Can you get a job of a financial analyst with your cover letter?

Your cover letter should be always targeted to the job you are applying for. It is twice truth if you apply for a job of financial analyst, where your competencies and practical knowledge is crucial. Many people prefer to use general formulations, such as “great team player”, “passionate and dedicated manager”, etc. However, employers are fed up with these phrases and look for something else..

Employers want to see why they should hire you on your cover letter. They desire to read a page full of financial expressions only a good analyst can understand and mention… They desire to find out more about your achievements on a position of financial analyst and related occupations, both on your resume and in your job interview. That is what you need to focus on on your covering letter carefully and make a best of it.


First sentence matters the most

When it comes to a structure of your cover letter, the first sentence is the most important. It should be the eye catchy one. HR managers receive way too many job applications and honestly, our level of attention when reading job applications is not the highest one…

However, if we see a good first eye catchy sentence on the cover letter, it awakes our concentration and we focus on the reading. You can find more information to this topic in what goes into a cover letter and how to begin cover letter.


Good sample for analysts without writing skills


Dear Mr. Jones,
As someone who played an important on Bank ABC achievement of more than 5% annual profit raise in the period of four consecutive years, I believe to be the right person for the position of senior financial analyst you advertised on your website on 1st October 2010.

I read the job description very carefully, as well as spend time browsing the website of your company and consulting my contacts to understand your philosophy, goals and direction you are heading. Based on these observations, I believe to be the right person to take the position of financial analyst and help your bank to get where it wants to be.

Please, find on my attached resume the list of achievements in my previous roles, as well as references from previous employers. Feel free to call any of my superiors for the feedback of my work.

I really believe that your bank can benefit from hiring me as a financial analyst. If you have the same opinion, I will be glad to meet you in the interview and present what I can do for your institution.

Your Sincerely
Magdalena Harrolds


This was an example of a covering letter for FA written in a creative way. Magdalena caught the eye of the HR manger with the first sentence, mentioning her biggest achievement that simply is impressive for vast majority of HR managers.

Then, she clearly mentioned that she dedicated the time to understand what the bank needs and so demonstrated that the goal of the bank are the first priority for her. Then, she briefly mentioned her achievements and references and where the HR manager can find it.

After all, she managed to keep her financial analyst cover letter short and to the point, so the HR managers won’t get tired when reading it.


Next Steps?

Job application is just a first step of lengthy process of getting a job. We write it for this purpose, please do not forget. Therefore, if you successfully get through this stage, I recommend you to have a look at financial analyst interview questions, as well as other related things. If you are not ready to succeed in an interview, good job application is for nothing. Please, never forget on it.