Time to write your first resume?

Nearly every one of us is forced to apply for an entry level job at least once in life – the first time… Well, there is not too much to write in our resume at that time, is it? However, there are some parts of it, where we can differentiate from out fellow graduates and make a special impression on the employer. Without a question, objective is one of these parts and we will show you how to compose it the right way.

First thing to keep in mind is to try to make it as unique as possible. The worst action you can take is to go online and just copy paste some of the samples to your resume. Well, many applicants do so, and employers can easily recognize it. So do not even try it if you want to have a serious chance of getting a job.


What characterize a good objective from a point of view of an employer?

There are some more specifications a good entry level resume objective should have. To mention the most important:

  • It should be unique.
  • It should show that as a fresh graduate, your first intention is the wealth of the employer, not yours own wealth.
  • It should clearly demonstrate the skills and abilities you can bring to the company with you.


Few years ago, people believed that resume objective is only for stating what you intend to do in five years time. But times have changed and job seekers are now more sophisticated and educated as ever before. They try to sell themselves in every part of their job application – and you should do the same! Let’s have a look now at some good samples of such objectives. After, we will discuss why the mentioned samples are great.


Samples of an objective for entry level

I am looking for a job, where my strong dedication to work, determination to deliver great results and my perfect communication skills can benefit the employer. Ready to work hard and waiting for the interview invitation to be able to prove that I can be a strong asset in your team.


As a fresh graduate all I can offer is the willingness to learn, strong motivation to achieve something in life and contribute to the prosperity of your company. Plus few abilities not and the sparkle in the eye. Looking forward to start my career in company with the reputation like yours have.


These were just two examples of a nicely composed resume objectives. Few things you can learn from these:

  • The starters do not pretend to be experienced. They are offering to the employer what they can offer, with all the honesty they have. Employers love such an approach, remember it.
  • They try to be unique and asking directly for the interview invitation in the resume objective. Maybe you think that it is too much, don’t you? But remember: Ask, and it shall be given you. Knock and it shall be open. Do not let the employer to make an extra effort to think about inviting you to the interview. Suggest it directly!
  • They list concrete abilities they can bring to the company. We live in an era of tangible results. Everyone is tired of promises. List concrete abilities in your entry level resume objective to improve your chance of being invited.


So that’s it. We hope that you have found enough inspiration and are now able to compose your own unique objective and get a job. We wish you all the best!