Get an engineering job with an effective job application

It is not easy to write an effective resume nowadays. Typically, many applicants apply for every single engineering job. Taking this fact into account, you need to try to compose your resume in an unique way, so it will somehow differs from the other resumes as well as catch the eye of the employer.

The question you should ask yourself before you start to compose your resume is the following one: What does my potential employer want to see on the resume of ideal applicant for this engineering job?

The answer is not so difficult. Every employer wants to hire the best people for the job. He looks for engineers who fulfill the following characteristics:

  • They are qualified for the job.
  • They have good level of technical intelligence.
  • They posses the right skills and abilities for the job.
  • They may potentially suit the working environment in the company and get along with the other employees.


When composing your curriculum vitae, you do not have all the information. For example, you can hardly know anything about the other engineers in the company. If you are 50 years old and the working collective consists of engineers in their thirties, the employer will most likely reject your engineering application.
However, you should focus on things you are able to influence on your resume and create so a best possible impression. Amongst these things for sure belong:

  • The right presentation of your qualification for the job
  • Presenting the passion and strong motivation to be chosen and start engineering career in the company
  • Presenting your skills and abilities that are relevant for the job


Of course, there are many alternatives of engineering job. The preparation is different, if we speak about mechanical, electrical or project engineer. Some advanced niche positions, such as network engineer, demand completely different attitude to the interview. If you apply for this job, I strongly recommend checking, where you can find the right information.

Let’s have a look now at different parts of such a correctly prepared resume, so you know how to compose it.


Parts of an exceptional engineering resume


Contact details and short introduction

It is proven that employers subconsciously decide in the first 8 seconds of reading your job application. It means that you need to catch the attention quickly. Your resume simply needs to start exceptionally. That’s why you should indicate directly in the beginning that you are qualified for your job (mentioning all the titles) as well as include a short resume objective on the beginning of your application. Such an objective can look like:


My goal is to become an engineer in a reputable company, constantly improve my technical skills and become an exceptional engineer in the future.


Such a short objective catches the eye of the employer and gives him a clear idea that you are most likely suitable for the job.

Practical experience

Engineers should not be theoretic. They should not only know how to do things, but actually be able to do things. That is the reason why practical experiences represent the most important part on your resume.

While describing your experience, you need to focus on exact duties you did and achievements you achieved in your previous occupations. Let the employer know what you are capable of. If you can match this section with some working duties from the job description, it will be perfect.



Education also plays an important role when it comes to engineering jobs. However, you should not overrate the knowledge of the person who reads your resume. In many cases, it will not be a technician. In order to make everyone happy about your application and predispositions, you should mention not only where you studied, but also what principal subjects you had there and what did you learn. The following example should help you to understand it better:


From: 9/2003 to 5/2008
University of Engineering,
New York City, NY
Degree: M.Tech
Principal subjects: Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics
Diploma thesis: Radial displacement in hollow cylinders


Describing your education in this way, even a non-engineering recruiter will be able to understand if you have the relevant education for the job or not.


Personal characteristics

Good engineer should be responsible, have a good attention to detail as well as be creative. He should be passionate about his job and should have a willingness to improve his knowledge constantly. These are some of the skills you can mention in your personal characteristics on resume. While it is not the most important part of resume for engineers, it can help you to create a good overall impression.

These were the key parts of good resume for a job in engineering field. If you are still not sure how to do it well, you can inspire yourself with the following sample or with other related articles on We wish you good luck in your engineering career!

Sample creative engineering resume