We live in a fast paced era of emails and phone calls

HR workers are quite busy today. In some cases, they decide if they read your resume or not, just after reading your email. Clever job seekers started to write their cover letter directly in an email, to grab the attention of the recruiters as soon as possible. We prepared for you a good example of such an email, so you can also enjoy benefits of this strategy.

Anyway, you should not just copy this sample and send the email to the employer. It will not bring you any benefits… no, not at all. Your cover letter (and it is irrelevant if it represents the part of an email or if it is written in a separate document), needs to reflect your personality and be targeted to the job.


Characteristics of a good covering letter

Such a good cover letter in an email should fulfill the following characteristics:

  • You should title it like a cover letter, or at least make it clear it goes about one.
  • It is crucial to mention there that you fulfill the job requirements. You should do so within first three sentences ideally. You should also name at least some of this requirements exactly. It is a good idea to choose the one that you consider critical for the job. If you do so, recruiter will start to concentrate more on your application and will for sure have a look at your resume
  • As you will see in our email cover letter sample, it needs to be written honestly and in a unique way. Try to not compose your cover letter only from phrases.


Let’s have a look now at a good sample of a letter written in email. This one was mailed to us by an applicant for office manager position in an export-import company, specializing on Russian market.


Email cover letter sample of office manager applicant

Dear Mr. Employer,
I was glad to discover that you are looking for a new office manager.
As I speak fluently Russian, have an experience of running the office and also an educational background related to import-export operations, I believe that I could be a good person for this job.

As you can see on my resume, I have worked on similar position the past four years. Feel free to contact my previous employer for references. (His contact details are on my resume.)

To my personal characteristics belong responsibility, independence and positive attitude to work and life.

If you decide to give me a chance to present myself in the interview, I will be glad to come anytime. In case you have any question, feel free to contact me anytime.

Amy Swan,

Attachments: Resume in English and in Russian language


So, that was a sample you can learn from. It was written in a simple and honest way. Amy mentioned all the key requirements for the job. She also referred to her personal references, that are always very important for the employers in general. We hope that you are now able to compose your own, impressive covering letter. Good luck!