Dreaming of a Delivery Driver Job

We all know these movies. A handsome pizza delivery guy rings the bell and a gorgeous blonde opens the door and invites him in…

Well, who would not want to become a delivery driver then? To be honest, this does story not happen so often in reality. Still, this job has many positives and with a good resume, your chances of getting it are quite good. Let’s have a look at things such a resume needs to have on it, in order to make the right impression on the person who is reading it.


“I want to be a delivery guy” objective

This job should not represent your last choice, but the first one. I know it isn’t the truth in most of the cases. But still, the employer does not have to know all the truth, does he? You simply need to present, right on the first page of your resume, that you want to get this job, becasue delivery is exactly what you would love to do on a daily basis. Let me show you a good example of an objective for this job.


I plan to make a career in logistics and believe that a delivery driver position is a perfect start for me.

I really love to talk to people and drive a car. That’s why the job of a delivery driver is my first choice and something I really want to do.


List of experience

After the contact details and resume objective, it’s time to talk a bit about your working experience. For delivery drivers, one thing is very important – you should not look like being overqualified for this job. Therefor, if you have any kind of managerial experience or something like that, it’s better to not brag about it on your resume. On the other hand, any experience with customer support or driving should be there.



Education is not important for this job. You can write here whatever you want to, nobody will read it anyway.


Skills and Abilities

Similarly to many manual jobs, skills and abilities represent one of the crucial parts on delivery driver resume. A good applicant for this job should definitely have some skills and abilities and you should show the reader that you have these skills and abilities. I recommend you to mention the following abilities and characteristics:

  • very good driving skills
  • good orientation skills
  • excellent communication skills
  • responsible
  • patient
  • team player


Do not forget on the references

A good resume ends with one or two personal references. On this resume, you can mention anyone, even your school teacher or a boss you had ten years ago. The most important thing is that there is something. Employers will most likely not contact your references anyway…

I hope this will help you to succeed in the process of your job search. Good luck!


Sample resume for delivery driver

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