YOU against the rest of the world

Statistics show that typically more than 20 applicants apply for every position of dental assistant. While this number is relatively small when compared to administrative or managerial positions, it is still a competition for you. A well written resume and dental assistant cover letter should help you to stand out from the crowd and be invited for many job interviews. But, how to compose such an exceptional resume, with a real potential of attracting the employer?

First of all, you need to understand who the dentist (or the clinic) is looking for. He or she is looking for someone who:

  • Has practical experiences with typical working duties of dental assistant, such as oral x-rays, developing the film, etc.
  • The dentist will feel good together with – these two persons need to go along pretty well
  • Someone who posses the right personal abilities and skills for this position


Taking into account the above mentioned facts, your resume should be written in a professional but also in a friendly manner. You should present yourself as a responsible person with attention to detail, ability to listen as well as willingness to learn. You should also mention the relevant experience and name exact duties you performed like a dental assistant in the past. Let’s have a look right now at various parts of such resume.


What should not miss on a resume of dental ass. applicant


Resume objective

Good resume should start with a brief introduction of yourself and a resume objective. This objective is the first thing the potential employers look at. That is why you should pay special attention to it. If it is written well, it can win you plenty of interview invitations. However, if it i written badly, dentist will throw your resume into rubbish and won’t continue reading anymore.

As an applicant for dental assistant position, you should mention this as your objective and back up it with some rational statements. The following example should help you to understand it better:


My aim is to use daily my education, responsibility and attention to detail, working like a dental assistant. I want to be a good dental assistant and help the practice to prosper.


Such an unselfish objective will for sure touch hearts of many doctors and give you some plus points straight away.


Practical experience

We all know how to mention practical experience on your resume. However, the key is to focus not only on the statistical facts, but also on your achievements. If you did anything special in your previous jobs, the dentist was very satisfied with you or simply you achieved something, you should mention it there.



Education is not so important nowadays, especially when we live in an era where practically everyone has a diploma. However, dental assistant is an exception. It is a skilled, specific job and that’s why you should write quite a lot about your education.

Do not forget to mention any relevant trainings and once again – do not write only facts. That you took part in the “communication training” tells nothing to the dentist and will not give you any advantage in the interview. However, if you put it this way:


Trainings and courses:
Special communication training – 02/2010
I learned in this training how to understand the needs of the customers better. I also became better listener what should help me on the position of dental assistant.


It’s very different and the potential employer sees this training as your advantage. Please, keep it in mind.


Personal skills

As we already mentioned in the beginning, good dental assistant should be detail oriented person, should have good communication skills as well as the willingness to learn and interest for the latest innovations in the dental industry. If you posses any of these skills, you should definitely mention it on the resume skills section.


Personal references

Dental assistant works in close co-operation with the dentist. If you have worked before as a dental assistant (or on any other position where close co-operation was needed),a good personal reference should win you a job.

Most employers do not verify personal references of applicants. However, dentists represent an exception here. If you previous boss provides good feedback on your work, it will strongly improve your chances of being chosen for the job of dental assistant.

So, these were the most important part of the resume. We hope that it helps you to understand how to compose it well. If you are still not sure, the following sample may help you.


Dental assistant resume sample 

Sample of dental assistant resume