Can you become a dental assistant?

applicant for dentist assistant job in workDental assistant is a popular job in the united States. It offers a work in a clean environment without stress and a potential to earn a decent salary. That are the main reasons why many people decide to apply for it every year.

The reality you have to face is that your job application for this position will be similar to the job applications of other candidates. In particular, you will likely have the same school and experience. Because of this, your cover letter is very important. It is the only piece in your application that you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition and make a good impression on the employer.

In this cover letter, it is critical to mention:

  • Why you are the best applicant for this job
  • What you have or can do than other applicants can not
  • Skills and abilities you posses that are relevant for this type of job


If you are not sure how to achieve this, our sample cover letter for dental assistant should inspire you. However, you should not just copy and paste it into your application… Many job seekers decide for this option. But a good cover letter reflects your own abilities, opinions and desires, not the opinions of someone from the internet…


Here is the promised sample

Dear Dr. Jenkinssonn
After carefully thinking about it, I decided to apply for a position of dental assistant you advertised in Morning Post on 17th July. After carefully reading the requirements and researching more about your practice, I believe to be an ideal candidate for this job.

First of all, I fulfill all the necessary requirements. I competed my studies on Boston Medical College, Faculty of Dentist three years ago. Since then, I have been working as a dental assistant in a local practice, completing daily basic duties such as oral x-rays, developing the film under the supervision of the dentist, assisting the dentist with every day job, etc.
However, after three years I have the feeling that my abilities and skills will be more used in a complex and more busy environment, exactly like your practice.

I am a very responsible person, seeking always the possibility to grow to be a better dental assistant. I love this job and am very motivated in work every day. Please, feel free to consult my previous employer, Mr. Willings about it. You can find his contact details on the attached list of references.

Dr. jenkinssonn, I will be very happy to get a chance to present myself in the interview. I can come anytime, during the practice (so you can test my skills) or in the evening hours.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I really hope to get a chance to present myself in your office.

Alison Cooper,


Alison really did all she could to impress the employer and convince him it is worth to invite her for a job interview. Not only that she mentioned exactly all the requirements that she fulfill. She also presented herself as a strongly motivated dental assistant applicant, that is willing to do anything to get this job.

You should follow her example. You should try to present yourself in an unique way showing the employer why it is worth to see you in the interview. Once you done this, your chances of being invited for the interview will be more than good. We wish you all the best!

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