There are too many applicants for every customer service job

When applying for customer service positions, both applicants and recruiters are facing few problems. Amongst them the following issues:

  • Too many applicant for every open customer service position.
  • Job applications of the candidates are very similar.
  • Problem to differentiate from the competition, problem to decide who to invite for the face to face interview.


Time to improve your situation with a unique resume objective

If you combine the huge amount of applicants with high unemployment rates all around the world,  the importance of writing a unique and well made objective on your customer service resume is apparent. Exactly this is the part of your job application where you can differentiate from the competition and ensure to receive a nice interview application. First of all, you always need to keep in mind the following:

  • The employer is not interested in you. He is interested only in what you can do for him and his corporation.
  • Only skills that matters are the skills important for a good customer assistant.
  • Your resume objective needs to be unique. If it is similar to hundreds of other resume objectives, employer will forget on you very quickly.


All of the above mentioned should be reflected in a good customer service resume objective in order to achieve the goal of your job application. Do you now what is this goal? Yeah , you are right, the goal is to get as many interview invitations as possible. Let’s have a look now at a sample of such an objective, which fulfills all the above mentioned characteristics.


Sample for you to use

Being passionate about helping people, always smiling and always listening customer oriented woman, I am looking for a role where I can help the company achieve the higher level of customer satisfaction. I prefer to work in a friendly and motivating working environment, exactly like the one in your company. Hopefully you will give me a chance to present the added value I can bring into your company in the interview.


Can you see the great aspects of this objective? Applicant not only names abilities that are highly relevant for this job, but also compliment the employer and uses unique formulation. Using such a form of resume objective, you can be sure it catches the eye of the employers. They’ll be more than happy to see such a person in the interview.

Use the presented customer service resume objective for your inspiration. It should help you to design your own, perfect resume.
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