Creating a Resume for Customer Service Application

References of customer serviceThere is hardly a position with more job applicants than a customer service position. Therefor, you really need to be focused on your job application, especially on your resume. Your resume should stand out from the crowd of other resumes and catch the eye of the employer. How to do it? Here are some tips for you:

1. Place a nice picture of you on your resume.
Try to choose a picture on which you are smiling and if possible, a picture on which you are dealing with other people. It will create nice associations in the head of the hiring manager and therefor s/he should notice your resume for sure.

2. Use references on your resume.
Doesn’t matter if they ask you in their job advertisement to include references on resume or not. You should do so, especially when we speak about positions like customer service. Even if this is your first job application, your first resume, try to get some references from teacher or anyone you worked for before.
Honestly, not many applicants for customer service jobs use references on resume. So it will help you to stand out from the crowd in positive matters.

3. Try to use simple resume format and make it one page long only.
Employers are tired from reading long resumes, especially when we speak about positions like the one in customer service. Therefor, try to minimize it, but do not forget on the important things. Choosing the right resume format, your chances of getting an interview invitation will be much better.
And what to include on your resume?


Parts of an excellent customer service resume

1. Objective
Short objective, where you mention you would like to be a good customer assistant, where you mention, you would like to get this job and will give some reason for it (e.g. you like to communicate with other people, you like to work with people)

2. Relevant experience
If you have any customer handling, telemarketing, sales, cashier, HR or any other related experience, mention it on your resume, in a simple way:


Position: Cashier
From-to: September 2007 – October 2007
Employer: ABC
Main Duties and responsibilities: Cash handling, communication with customers, customer service


3. Education
Your education isn’t really the most important thing on this type of resume. However, you can very briefly mention it. Nobody is interested, but they like to see that you have finished some sort of education…

4. Personal skills and abilities
This section is very important, when it comes to positions like customer service or administrative assistant. Try to focus on skills such as communication skills, computing skills, responsibility and loyalty. Job description can help you to find out what skills and abilities are good to mention on your resume.

5. Personal references
As I mentioned already, you should for sure include references on your resume. Please, do not forget on it. It can decide about your success or failure…

That’s it. Have some look at simple cover letter tips, in order to attach a good cover letter to your resume.