Coverr letter – the most important part of your job application

Cover letter is a part of nearly every job application nowadays. In our tough economic times, is more a obligation that an option to have it ready. You shoudl do everything possible to increase your chances of being invited for an interview, and good cover letter is one of the way how to do so.

Anyway, in case you do not have an idea on how to write an impressive, effective cover letter, here are some tips you can use, directly from professional recruiters. Find out what we like to read, and then write it. It can’t go any simpler than this.


Make it unique for every application

First thing to remember when writing a cover letter is to make it unique for every application, and strongly related to the position you are just applying for. To state you are a dedicated professional and have strong backgrounds and similar statements… Well, recruiters can see hundreds of such cover letters daily.

Therefor, forget on common phrases when writing your cover letter. Rather think, what skills are really needed for the exact position you are just applying for.  State in your covering letter that you have these skills. And do not forget to state how strong your motivation and enthusiasm for the particular role is. Show the employer in your cover letter that you really care.


If you use the presented cover letter tips, it will be easy to prepare oneNext thing to remember is to use short and simple sentences, and write just to the point. Covering letters should be written simply, consisting of 200 words maximally. They should be understood by the would-be employer quite easily. Do not forget, that the recruiter reading your cover letter does not have to be the professional in your area. So do not make it pain for him to read it…

Recruiters receive plenty of cover letters and so it is important to not make their job harder. Otherwise, you should make it for them as easy as you only could.


There is no place for mistakes and art

Now that you know what you should write in the cover letter and how to write it, the third of our suggestions is to make sure that there are no mistakes on it. The worst mistake you can make, however, is to misspell the name of the company or the person you are sending your cover letter to. These people are very sensitive on such things, so please double check it before you send it.

A cover letter full of mistakes would make a wrong impression on the employer – s/he will think that it had been written by someone who doesn’t care about the job s/he is applying for at all. You want to be someone who is respected, don’t you?

If you feel like you can not find out how to do it right, you can copy the format of the letter from the web but don’t plagiarize. The cover letter should reflect who you really are. Plus, many people just copy someone else cover letter, so employer will recognize this. He’s not stupid, at least most of the times. 



writing cover letter by hand is not the best adviceUse word processor when writing your cover letter

It’s easier to prepare cover letters using a word processor. Probably the best one is Microsoft Word. Not only you can easily play with the formatting of the letter, but also the supported file formats (.doc for example) are widely used and so you can be sure that employer will be able to open your cover letter on his computer.



Courses where you can learn how to make it right

You can always try going to classes, crash courses on writing cover letters. You should be able to learn a lot from these courses. They are (usually) worth your money and are often  offered online, so you even don’t have to leave your home to learn all about writing a good covering letter. But anyway, you can learn pretty much everything you need here on :)…

Your cover letter tells a story. An experienced recruiter is able to distinguish your nature and working habits, just from the way you wrote your cover letter. Do not underestimate it. Use the presented cover ideas, impress the interviewers and get the job. We wish you good luck in the job search!