Cover Letter Formating and Styling Tips

We decided to open this section for detail oriented people. People who believe that every single word matter on a cover letter… In fact, we have exactly the same opinion. We believe that the following articles will help you to find the answer to all your questions about styling, formatting and composing a cover letter.

  • Cover Letter Format – Good article about general rules of formatting a covering letter.
  • Addressing a Cover Letter – Learn how to address a cover letter, doesn’t matter if you know who will read it or not. Different scenarios and solutions.
  • Cover Letter – Salary Requirements – Is it a good idea to mention your salary requirements on a covert letter? Well, I do not think so… But if you decide to do it from whatever reason, a good sample can help you to do it correctly.
  • What Goes into a Cover Letter–  Short description of things that go into a cover letter in general, such as how to start it, what goes into a main part, how to conclude it well, etc.
  • How to Begin Your Cover Letter–  The first two sentences on the cover letter are the most important one. Learn how to start a cover letter in style and impress the employer.
  • Dear Sir or Madam – Does it make sense to use this formulation on your letter? And if it does not, then what is the appropriate way? Learn more in a simple article.
  • Closing a Cover Letter– To close a cover letter well is important, to create a long lasting positive impression that typically leads to an invitation for a job interview.


Didn’t you find here what you have been looking for? The cover letters for different jobs section or special cover letters can help you then!