How should your cover letter look like?

Woman holding a cover letterMany people wonder how should a good cover letter look like. Should it be one page long? What should I mention in the beginning of it? And, are there any parts that are expected to be in every single cover letter? They simply wonder, how to choose a suitable format for it. However, all these people are badly mistaken….

In fact, there is nothing like a good or bad layout of a cover letter. There also are no compulsory parts of the cover letter, trust me. The only compulsory field there should be a heading stating that it goes about this document. Everything else is just optional. All you need to do to think about when choosing your template is to compose your cover letter the way it it caches the attention of the employer and is targeted for the position you are applying for.

To help you understand better what we mean by this, let me give you several tips you should always check out when deciding upon your cover letter format or downloading it from somewhere.


Crucial tips to keep on your mind with formats

1. In the first part of your cover letter, mention your name, position you are applying for and that it goes about the cover letter (what shoudl be a heading of it).
In the first moment employer looks at your cover letter format, he or she needs to realize what the document is about and what your intention is. It’s called a process of classification. If he can not classify it, he will feel confused and will not concentrate so much on the content of your cover letter. So for sure, mention the position you are applying for, your name and that it goes about a cover letter.

2. Use simple and short sentences, bullets and numbering.
Cover letter is not an essay, though many job seekers ignore this fact. If you really want to use a layout where all the content will be just one long paragraph of text, no one will read it, believe me. You need to use bullets and numbering, stress the main points with bold, and simply make it as readable as possible.

3. One page and a signature
The sentence that your cover letter should not exceed one page is not going to surprise you I hope. Ideally, if it is shorter than half a page, it’s even better. To use some creative page formats, sizes and layout (can be set up in MS Word) is also a good advice. It will help you to stand out from the crowd. It will help you to be original. And that is always positive.


The last thing to mention is to include the signature at the end of your cover letter. In today’s era of technology, it shoudl not be a problem for you to scan your signature to the computer and include it on the page. It will make it more personal and also it will differentiate you from the competition. You would wonder, how many interview invitations can such a simple thing like a signature win you…

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