Your responsibility for the future on the lines of cover letter

To teach someone is not like doing other job… While on other positions your responsibilities might be quite high, it is nothing compared to the responsibility of a teacher. Teachers has a responsibility for the future of our children, what in fact means for the future of our country. On your cover letter, you have to demonstrate the employer that you are ready to take this responsibility and lead the United States towards a brighter future.

In the past, anyone could get a teaching position. But the situation has changed drastically in the last few years. Governments but also the society as the whole realizes more the importance of teachers for the whole country. That is the reason why the selection process is tougher as it has ever been. Only the applicants who provide perfect cover letter as the part of their job application have a real chance to get an interview invitation.

We composed for you a good sample of cover letter for teaching position, in order to show you how to present yourself as an ideal candidate for teaching job. After reading such a letter, school principal (or who ever is responsible for selecting candidates) will have no other option than invite you for the interview. Sit back, relax and read the following sample.


Sample from our contributors


Dear Mr. Employer,
Since my childhood, I always wanted to do something for our society. I found my personal mission in teaching the others and helping them to achieve their goals in life.

I was very happy when I have found your job advertisement, stating that you are looking for a new English teacher. After reading through your website and speaking personally to several students of your institution, I realized that I am a perfect fit for the job.

Not only that I have the master degree in teaching and English literature. I also feel very good teaching students between 15-18 years. Asking my students for feedback, they are also satisfied. Taking into account all of this, plus the fact that I fulfill all the requirements from your job description, I really hope to get a chance to present myself in the job interview.

Please, if you would like to see in person what I can do for your institution, feel free to call me anytime at 00345234482. I will be more than happy to come to undertake an interview.

Thank you for considering my application

Adam Johnson


This was a perfect example of a letter. The applicant has demonstrated his love for teaching the others, and even called it as his personal mission. After, he clearly described why he should be a good match exactly for this job, plus clearly and briefly stated that he fulfills all the requirements.

To get a job of a teacher is not easy, I agree…. But, if you write a good covering letter for teaching position, your chances will improve immediately. And if you succeed in this stage and will look for some answers to tough interview questions, check this website. Thank you!

We wish you good luck!