Good salesman delivers results… and a good cover letter

Looking in the past, it was not a problem to get a sales position. The problem was to deliver results and keep the job for longer than few months. But times has changed as the economy collapsed… Not only that the demand for quality salesmen is higher than ever, but also companies can not risk to hire and train someone who is going to leave in few months time.

Taking into account what is happening around us, to write a high quality cover letter is your only chance of getting a job interview invitation. It’s a must to present yourself, from the very first moment, like a self confident result oriented salesman. And the place for it is on your covering letter… Let’s have a look at a good example.


Example of well written sales representative cover letter

Dear Mr. Human Resources Manager,

On I have found that you are looking for a sales representative for your company. Well, here I am!

I can frankly say that selling is my life. Starting from selling my ideas to my kids and wife, through selling of basic staff to ordinary people, to huge solution sales to directors of Fortune 500 companies, I have succeeded in all and looking for more.

After researching the website of your company and checking your sales model and products, I really feel that I am the good match for the advertised job. On the top of that, I will be more an happy to bring in my own contacts (could become your clients), and many innovative sales ideas.

Please, feel free to call Mr. Former Sales Director to find out how satisfied the previous employer was with my work. I have always exceeded my sales target and am looking forward to do the same in your company.

I am ready to prove my skills and expertise during a face to face interview. Please, feel free to call me anytime on my cell.

Thank you for your consideration

Andrew Godwin


On a good letter, you need to sell yourself. Sell your ideas, sell your results of your previous work. You need to sell your philosophy and job application to the employer. In the presented sample, our applicant was able to do so.

Please remember that in sales, your experience or education does not matter at all. Focus only on your achievements and selling skills on the lines of your cover letter for sales. That is what every employer is looking for. He does not want to recruit sales person with lots of experience. He wants to recruit a person with a personality of great salesman and real selling accomplishments behind him. Could it be you???

PS: Check also sales resume objective statement or other sections of this website to compose a perfect complete job application.