Time to get a great job in customer service

To get a customer service position has always been very difficult. Facing the fact that no extra qualification is needed for the job and it is a good one at the same time, many people apply. But it is not tough only for the job seekers. Employers also struggle to identify the right guy in the bunch of seemingly similar applications…

Often, your cover letter is an only tool to help you to make the employer interested and get his attention. This is the part of job application where you can use your creativity and stand from the crowd of hundreds other applicants. In order to achieve this with your cover letter for customer service, you need to keep in mind few things. Then, there are also specific jobs, such the one of call center operator. In this case, both the interview questions and the application documents should differ strongly to what I describe in this article.


Things to remember when composing customer care cover letter

First of all you should try to compose an original cover letter. I know it is easy to write and hard to do, but think about it. If your cover letter is similar to hundred other cover letters, what advantage it gives you in the eyes of the employer?

Secondly, you should think more on your employer on the lines of your covering letter. Do not write only about you and your skills. Write about how you can use your experience and skills to make something good for the employer. For example, how you can make his customers more satisfied and willing to return to the shop to make another purchase. Be confident when writing this letter, it’s the only way to make any difference with it.


Cover letter example for positions in customer service dept.


After initial tips, the following sample should help you to understand better in practice how such a good cover letter for customer service should be written. Use it for your inspiration, but please do not copy it. Not only that it is not legal (well, who cares at the end of the day), but your competitors might do the same… What do you think will be employer’s reaction if he finds out that cover letters of two applicants are exactly the same? Apparently, he is not going to invite anyone of them for the face to face interviews, just think about it.


Your Name
Active job seeker
Your Address
Phone number

Name of the employer
His position
Company Name

Dear Mr. Important,

On [name of the website where you found the job advertisement] I have found that you are looking for a new customer assistant. After reading the job description carefully and researching the website of your company to understand your culture and vision better, I realized I am a perfect match for this job.

Not only that I have a relevant experience as the customer assistant, achieving highest level of customer satisfaction. (Please feel free to contact my previous employer, Mr. Recent for feedback. You’ll find his contact details on my resume in the reference section). I also really like the products of your company and will feel very good about helping the customers to understand how to use it and why they should buy it.

With my ever smiley and never tired personality, I am able to handle the conflict or any other problematic situation with the customers easily. Strongly motivated and highly determined to do the job, here I am ready to undertake face to face interview anytime.

Thank you for your consideration,

Your full name


Unique, employer oriented and self confident letter. That’s the best one… Use it for your inspiration and get a job. We wish you good luck.

PS: Do not hesitate to check also something about the cover letter format, or read other sections on the website.