Career change is easier with a good cover letter

There are times in life when we all consider changing our career. The statistics show that an average American citizen does so at least three times in life. After taking this not-easy decision, we face several challenges. First of all, how to get a job? How to compose a good resume and a decent covering letter to make an impression on the employers?

Really, it is not easy. We can hardly impress the employers with the list of our working experience, as in most of the cases it will be strongly irrelevant for the job. It will be, until we find the connection of the past and future and present it to the employer. And this sentence, this finding connections is exactly what a career change cover letter should be all about.


Composing a special letter for the employers

There are few things you need to mention in your cover letter:


  1. That you intend to change your career, briefly describing why. If you forget to mention this, employer may consider your application irrelevant or may even thing you send it accidentally. So let him know right in the beginning that he is holding the right paper in his hands.
  2. All the predispositions, skills, and abilities you have in order to be good in this new role you are applying for. Think about it. Abilities and skills are universal. They are not connected to one career only. If you are responsible person with an ability to deliver results, it is always positive. Doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, rocket scientist, or a sales manager.
  3. Connect what you have done in your previous career with what you can do for your future employer. This connection is crucial actually. Just think about it. If you say that you were able to code a new software in PHP within one month of time, it makes a little sense to employer looking for a new marketing manager. But if you put it in this way: “In my IT career I was able to use my creativity to design software in a very short time and I really believe that this creativity gained in my job can be transferred also into designing marketing campaigns“, it is very different.


Short sample of a good letter


Dear Mr. Employer,

I was very happy to find your job offer for marketing manager on Looking to make a new step forward in my life, and switching from IT to marketing, I find this role to be ideal for me.

Not only that I can use here all my creativity, artistic talents and ability to deliver I have gained through years in fast paced and ever changing IT industry. I can also bring to your company plenty of contact from IT industry, who can either participate on the campaigns or become new clients of your company.

being ready to change my career, I am as motivated and passionate about an opportunity as ever. I really hope you’ll give me a chance to present my skills and abilities in a face to face interview. Please, feel free to call me anytime. I will always find time to meet with you, as this is very important for me.

Thank you for your consideration

Jacob Gates


To make a career change is never easy, as well as to write a good cover letter for this purpose. We hope that this article has made it at least little easier for you.

We wish you good luck in your job search. Do not forget to check out also something about cover letter format or go through other articles on the page.