Make your dream job in a bank to come true with a great covering letter

To work in bank is a dream job for many. However, in order to get even a chance to present your skills in the job interview, you will need to compose a perfect cover letter and also a resume for bank teller. Just think about it… The number of applicants for this position is huge. What else if not the cover letter can make the difference between the winners and losers in this hiring process?

Employees of the bank also stand in the difficult situation. To choose, lets say from two hundred of job applications, ten people who will be invited for the face to face interview is difficult. But they need to do so. So often, the way the applicants prepare their bank teller cover letter decide who will be invited.


Things to be presented on your letter

  • Strong loyalty to the bank. If you do not have the account there yet, go and open one before applying for the job
  • Clear description of abilities of an ideal bank teller. Good bank teller should be friendly, communicative, have an ability to listen and uncover the needs of the others.
  • Direct appeal on the employer to invite you for the face to face interview. Usually just one of ten applicants ask the employer to invite him for the interview directly in the cover letter. Not surprisingly, people who do so are invited two times more often. so do not forget to ask
  • It should reflect your personality, the personality of an ideal bank teller. That means, it should be written in a simple, friendly way. Think about it: If the employer has troubles to understand your cover letter, how will the clients understand you?


Please, think about the above mentioned sentences for a while. A good cover letter for bank teller should really fulfill all above mentioned. Let’s have a look at a sample of such a document.


Sample for bank teller applicants

Dear Mr. Employer,
I was very happy to find the job offer for bank teller in your respected institution. Being a happy customer of your bank for several years, I always liked the way the people approach me there and the overall culture and identity of your bank.

Having a background of customer assistant on my own, I realized immediately that it would be a great job for me to work as a bank teller in Bank Name. Being a good listener, always well mooded and very enthusiastic about both my job and your bank, I could be a perfect fit for the already great bank teller team you have there.

As you can see in my resume, I fulfill all the needed requirements for the job. Please, feel free to contact Mr. Rogers, my previous boss, to ask about the level of customer satisfaction on my previous role. You can find his contact details in the reference section of my resume.

Mr. Employer, I hope you’ll invite me for a face to face interview and give me a chance to show you what I can bring to your company.

Thank you for your consideration

Andy Rodgers


Feel free to use our sample cover letter for bank teller. Just do not forget to change the details the way that is suits your experience and the bank where you are applying for the job. We wish you good luck!
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