Present your job as a mission on your cover letter

When you like to help other people and feel that this is your mission, there is nothing better than the nursing job. However, many people feel this way and so not everyone who dreams about this job actually gets it. We prepared for you some examples of good cover letters, to show you how to make a difference and impress the employers with your job application.

Most important thing to remember is to always take your job as a mission. As you will see in the two examples below, this is the best approach to make an impact and receive interview invitation. On the other hand, you should also show the employer all the strengths you have and all the benefits you will bring into his institution as a new nurse. So, let’s have a look at couple of samples.


Two sample cover letters for nursing jobs applicants

Dear Mr. Employer,
On I have found that you are looking for a new nurse to work in your institution. Well, if you are looking for a motivated and always smiley nurse, who considers her job as a lifetime mission, you happen to be reading a right job application.

Since my childhood, I have ever dreamed of becoming a nurse to help other people. Having a chance to prove my abilities and do my best every day in such a reputable institution like yours hospital, would make me very happy in my daily life.

With all my knowledge, abilities and positive reference you can see in enclosed resume, I also believe that it will make you and your clients happy. Hopefully, I will get a chance to prove my words in a face to face interview.

Thank you for your consideration
Alison Andrews



Dear Mr. Employer,

Being a highly motivated and patient oriented registered nurse, I really feel like a good fit for an open position of a registered nurse you advertise in local newspapers.

I have always wanted to be a nurse and can not imagine a better job in my life. To help the others to get through the struggles and get back on track is my lifetime objective, my personal mission.

To get a chance to do this job in your clinic, close to my place of living will be perfect.
I can ensure you that I do everything in my life on 100% and if I get the chance to work for you, I’ll be doing my best every day to make both you and all the patients very satisfied.

As not all the things can be seen through the sentences of the cover letter, I really would be happy to prove my suitability for the job in the interview. Please, feel free to call me anytime to arrange it.

Thank you for your time and consideration
Amelia Brooks


Job as a mission, strong desire to help and benefits for the employers. All of that you can find in the presented examples. We hope it will help you to get a job. Feel free to modify it and use for your own job application!

PS: Have a look at some resume writing tips also, or check other sections of the web. And, if you apply for a job of CNA, be sure to check this website for a huge list of interview questions and answers. Thank you!