Every single sentence matters on your cover letter

Every sentence on your cover letter is important. While you should already know how to begin a cover letter, it is also good to have some knowledge about closing it… Too many job seekers underestimate this part of the cover letter. They even do not check out what goes into a cover letter. All the do is to download some sample from the internet, copy it on their own job application and that’s it.

However, this can hardly be a winning strategy on the job market, just think about it. HR managers in big companies receive hundreds, if not thousands of cover letters every single week. They are fed up with typical cover letters and well known phrases. If you want to make the right impression on them, you need to be unique on your covering letter, and this applies also to the last part of it – the closing.


What is a purpose of closing on the cover letter?

You should know already the general intention of every good cover letter. It is to receive the invitation for an interview. We speak to this topic in detail in what goes into a cover letter article. However, what is a goal of a cover letter closing?

  • First of all, the closing should not be limited to one word only. When we speak about finishing the cover letter, we also speak about the last sentence on it.
  • This last sentence should strongly reflect your interest and willingness to undertake a face to face interview. It is also a good advice to thank the HR manager for his time and consideration. Doing so, you are improving the relationship you have with the HR manager.
  • When it comes to the closing itself, it does not matter too much what formulation you use.

Sincerely yours
Best regards
Kind regards
Thank you for your consideration


All these closings are acceptable on the cover letter. Let’s have a look now at some examples of good cover letter closings.


Examples of good closing statements


I really hope to get a chance to present myself in the job interview. Please, feel free to call me anytime.

Best Regards,

Amanada Finnes


Thank you for your time and consideration. I am sure you will make a right decision.


Armin Starken


I wish you good luck and am looking forward to meet you in the interview.


Tina Golden


These were some good examples how to close a cover letter. Do not forget that your intention is to be invited for the interview. Also, you should keep in mind that the HR manager is a human being also. Any positive compliment or appreciation of the time he devoted to your job application can only help you in the long run.

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