Applying for a construction job? Learn what to do.

If you decide to apply for a job in construction, you will have to prepare a good resume. The problem with these type of jobs is that many people apply for it, speaking in general. That means that your chances of getting a job are not that good. However, with an exceptional resume and cover letter suitable for this position, the employer can prioritize you and give you a chance in an interview.

When in comes to construction jobs, your practical experience is the most important thing. It should be also reflected on your resume. Construction workers should not only know how to do things, but they should be also able to realize the plans in practice. Ideal construction resume in one page long, consisting of the following parts:


Stuff that should be on your resume

1. Short resume objective.

In this objective you should focus on your passion for construction work as well as your goal to get a job in construction field. Good example can be:


I really love to work outside and be a part of construction team. My goal is to get a good job on a construction, work hard and see the results of my work.”


Your objective should simply present you as someone looking for construction job, not just someone who is desperate and submits an application for practically any position.


2. Your practical experience

Clever applicants include here exact projects and constructions they worked on. If you have a photo of the construction or even better of you in work, put it on your resume. Employers love that if we speak about construction resume, trust me. If they see that you are really working and that you took part on successful construction, they will be inclined to give you a job.

Also, do not forget to mention the exact duties you had in your previous jobs. If you find out that your duties in your previous occupations match with the working duties from the job description, it is perfect. Employer will see that you have experience with the same tasks as he wants you to do. This knowledge will improve your position in the eyes of potential employer.

3. Your education

Education is NOT the important for most of the construction jobs. If you do not have any relevant education, we recommend you to not mention it on your job application at all. However, if you studied at construction high school or even University, then it may influence the employer’s decision in a positive way.


4. Personal characteristics

Construction is pretty much a teamwork. As a good construction job applicant, you should posses at least few of the following skills:

  • Ability to teamwork
  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to work in heights
  • Responsibility for yourself as well for the others
  • Good, positive nature


We recommend you to mention at least some of these skills on a resume. It is not the most important factor, but your skills can decide it for you if there are many applicants with similar experiences and resume.


5. Personal references

It is not any secret that personal references on resume are important. Especially when we speak about construction jobs, a good reference from previous employer can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Do not be afraid to put the phone number of your previous employers on construction or of your clients on the resume.

Potential employers may call them and ask if you are a good construction worker. If the answer is positive, your chances to get a job will be more then good.

These were the five key part of an exceptional resume for construction work applicant. Feel free to use it for your inspiration. You can also download some resume layouts, or check out the following sample construction resume. We wish you good luck in your job search!

Construction resume sample