What does really mater on your resume?

We all try to compose our resumes the best way possible, in order to impress the employer. In fact, there are specific parts of every resume, by which the formulation you use is extremely important. It demonstrates your skills in the area of communication and can help you significantly to be invited for an interview.

To write that you have great communication skills is simply not enough nowadays. It is such a general statement and anything can be hidden behind it… You need to be specific when it comes to describing your skills on a resume, in order to give the employer specific reasons to consider inviting you for a job interview. It’s the action and reaction law, nothing new for you I hope… In this post we will show you how to present various communication skills on your resume, what skills are the most important etc.


What skills to pick for your application?

As you probably know, we can list several skills related to communicating with the others, not only on your resume. Amongst them, for example the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to listen
  • Ability to talk the way that the others understand us
  • Ability to understand the real meaning of the message
  • Ability to understand the non verbal communication
  • Communicating with enthusiasm
  • Ability to motivate the others
  • Ability to make the others interested in our speech
  • Self selling skills
  • Ability to present our opinions
  • Ability to resolve conflicts
  • Ability to get along with different people

There are many other skills, but I mentioned the most important one only. Every single of the presented skills is important for the employer and can play a crucial role in the decision making process. Remember, not all the HR workers need to be skilled in the area of effective communication. It is always better to give them a clear explanation of your communication skills, so they can understand how they’ll benefit from your abilities if they employ you.

I know, it was written in a little complicated way. So let me show you rather some samples of communication skills resume, so you can gain better inspiration there.


Samples you can use on your resume

Having an ability to listen to the other and understand their needs and wishes, I am able to consequently motivate the employees the right way and lead the whole team towards a common goal.

Amongst my main communication skills are the ability to resolve conflicts, get along with difficult people and communicating with enthusiasm and energy in my voice. Having these abilities, I can make any working environment a happier and calmer place.

Communication skills: Ability to effectively transform any message to all corporate levels, from the directors to the general labor. This helps me to lead the organizations and have good relations with all the levels of company structure.

Having an ability to sell not only products, but only my opinions and ideas to the others, I can for sure be an asset in your team and bring some added value to your company.


These were just few examples of how to describe your communication skills on a resume. Please, feel free to use these examples to compose your own perfect resume. We wish you good luck!