Cold calling an employer is not typical

In the era of countless job boards, just very few job seekers send their job application to companies that do not advertise a position.

However, this can be used for your advantage, if you know how to write a good cover letter, suitable for this specific situation. Just think about it. The HR manager will not compare you with 100 other applicants, because just very few people do any form of cold calling. So if you make a good impression and have an ability to create a need or at least build a the curiosity, you will get a chance to present yourself in an interview.

Anyway, to write this letter is more difficult than to write a normal cover letter, from a few reasons:

  • You can not use the job description to locate the strengths to mention in the cover letter.
  • You have no idea who is going to read your cover letter (however you can influence this fact).
  • When there is no need, there is typically no demand. So logically, your cover letter must be exceptional and catch the eye of the potential employer.


As you can see, it is really a difficult task to prepare a good cold call cover letter. Let’s have a look at the major parts of it.


1. Introduction and first sentence

Typical covering letter starts with a first sentence. You should clarify who are you and what job you are applying for. Obviously, it’s not the case this time as there is no specific position to mention. However, you should try to make yourletter as specific as possible and mention a position or at least an area of work in the beginning. The following formulation can be good start of your cover letter


Dear Hiring Manager,

I decided to apply for business development position in your company. Although you do not advertise any free positions at the moment, I believe that a successful business needs to grow constantly and the development never stops. My experience and unique point of view can bring a strong added value to the company.

As you can see, I did not address the cover letter to particular person in the company. Well, you have no idea who will read your application.

On the other hand, if you can browse social networks such as LinkedIn to identify the person who will most likely read your application, you should mention this name and address it to his personal email. Doing so, you ensure yourself that your cover letter will end up in the right hands (at least you do your best for that).

As you can notice in the first sentences, I already picked a field where the company can benefit from hiring me and tried to convince the employer that he may need a new employee for this position. I simply tried to create this need and that’s the only way how to get an invitation for an interview.


2. Main body

In the main body of your cold call cover letter, you should give the employer the reasons to meet you. We suggest you to use bullet points and most importantly – think always the way the employer thinks. Here is an example:


In the recent past, I helped several businesses to develop the processes to the next level and improve the profit margin. I studied carefully the processes of your company and believe that I would be able to:

  • Decrease the HR costs by 10%
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of production department by 10%
  • Completely avoid the stop line situation to happen


These are the sentences the managers love to read. Let’s be realistic – every manager of bigger company would love to see such things happening in his own company…. That’s why many employers will invite you for an interview after reading such a letter, just to hear more about your plans and suggestions.


However, you shoudl be careful – if you decide to use the presented formulation on your cover letter, you should have a plan what to say in an interview to backup your statements…

3. Closing the cover letter

The goal of a cover letter is to get an invitation for an interview. Nothing less, nothing more. Managers are often tired and busy and do not understand things the right way. That’s why you should always and invariably ask them to invite you for an interview. You can do it like this:


I would love to present you my thoughts as well as my experience in an interview. I am able to visit your company anytime, just need to know it few days in advance to adjust my schedule.

Thank you for your consideration and I will wait for your feedback

Best Regards
Martin Stoh


If you follow our advice and create the curiosity and need on the site of the employer, you will receive an invitation for an interview, for sure. We wish you good luck in your job search!