Choose a best cover letter for your position

Every job is different. To write a general cover letter is simply not a good idea. You need to be specific in your letter and it has to be related to the job you are applying for.

We prepared for you a bunch of articles that should help you with cover letters for different positions. If you can not find here a letter for your positions, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can prepare a new article for you. Thank you.


List of positions

  • Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant – One of the basic positions on the market. Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique cover letter.
  • Medical Assistant Covering Letter– It’s a strange position with a strange selection process. However, good cover letter can win it for you.
  • Customer Service – Customer service positions belong to the most common in the US. Can you get one with an exceptional job application?
  • Cover Letter for Teachers – Present your job as a mission on an ideal cover letter for teaching positions.
  • Cover Letter for Bank Teller – Teller jobs have difficult selection process from a point of view of both bank and candidate. Prepare for it well and get a prime starting position with a good covering letter.
  • Covering Letters for Nurses – Can you be a good nurse? Well, it’s difficult to say… Cover letter often tells the truth.
  • Teaching Positions in General – Interesting point of view on the process of applying for any form of teaching job.
  • Sales Jobs – Sales has always been a field without limits. However, the number of open positions is always limited… Can you get one with your cover page?
  • Marketing Cover Letter– Creativity needs to be presented on a cover letter for marketing positions. Inspire yourself with our sample.
  • Receptionist Cover Letter– Inspire yourself with two samples from authors of ResumeSwan.
  • Office Assistant Position – Office assistant is a broad term, and can reflect both personal assistant and office manager. Can you prepare a cover letter for both of these positions?
  • Project Management – I always wanted to get an employment in project management. However, I did not succeed… Can your case be different with a unique cover letter?
  • Cover Letter for Attorney – Attorneys are pretty respected in the society. However, only few people can have this job.
  • Business Analyst Cover Letter–  A good case for every one interested in business analysis.
  • Accounting Jobs – Accountancy applicants need to present certain skills and abilities on a good cover letter. Are you ready to do so?
  • PA Cover Letter – We live in an era of personal assistants. I also have one :). What to include on your cover letter for this specific position?
  • Dental Assistant Cover Letter – No need to talk too much. We all know the financial benefits of this position. Now the question is: How to get it?
  • Financial Analyst Cover Letter – A nice and simple guide for everyone applying for a financial analyst job in the United States.
  • Investment Banking Letter – Letter for investment banking jobs.
  • Office Manager Job – How to write a good covering page for a resume of office manager? Well, that’s the question not only for you, but also for me!
  • Bartender Cover Letter – Education does not play too much of a role for bartenders. So, what should these people include on a cover letter?


We add new articles to this section on a regular basis. Please, if you would like to read a specific article, do not hesitate to contact us so we can add it. Thank you!