I want to be a chef!

That’s a nice dream of many children. However, once you decide to really apply for this job, you should know how to compose an outstanding resume, suitable for a position of a chef. Chef is often the most important person in the restaurant. If the menu is good, the customers will be satisfied and willing to overlook some other short-comings in the restaurant. Managers and owners of restaurants are aware of this fact and that’s why they approach the chef recruitment very carefully.

As an applicant for this position, you must show them on your chef resume the added value you can bring to their restaurant. That means – what special food you are able to cook, what a magic touch you can add to common daily meals, and what is your overall philosophy when it comes to creating a menu in restaurant and cooking.

What more, you need to show them that you posses good communication and leadership skills. Modern chef is not only a cook. He is also a manager, strategic planner and leader. Please, keep it in mind while composing various parts for your chef resume. You need to present yourself as a complete and motivated applicant for this position.

Okay, enough of the theory. Let’s have a look now at some parts of an outstanding job application of a chef, that has a good potential to attract the employer.


Personal details, objective and experience

1. Personal details and picture

Job seekers with picture on resume are invited for an interview twice more often than applicants without a photo. Therefor you should put a clean chef cap on you and let a professional photograph to take a smiley picture of you. Such a picture in a chef cap shows the employer immediately who you are and what job you want to have.


2. Resume objective

Numbers of statistic show that just half of the job applicants include objective on their resume. You should definitely belong to this group if you want to succeed. You should show the employer in your objective that you really want to become a chef, bring something new to his restaurant and help him to prosper. Let me show you an example:


I would like to use my outstanding cooking and leadership skills on a position of chef. I desire to use my cooking philosophy and understanding of consumers wishes to prepare a unique menu and make everyone in a restaurant satisfied and happy.


This was just an example of a good objective for chef’s resume – you are probably able to make it even better. However, you should notice how the applicant speaks about the satisfaction of visitors, unique menu and his leadership skills directly on the objective.


3. Working experience

When you write about your working experience, you should mention more than just the name of the restaurant where you have worked…. We recommend you to always mention the types of meals you prepared, as well as include some pictures. You can add to every position some achievements, such as for example:


We created a brand new menu of Mediterranean cuisine, that attracted new visitors and lead to the 30% increase of restaurant revenue.


The managers are interested mainly in the revenue of the restaurant. If they see on your chef resume that you helped someone to increase it, they will love your application!


4. Education and courses

As a chef, you should have certain education. However, we recommend you to mention on this section all the different cooking courses and internships you undertook. Even if you were on holiday in China and spend some time learning there from local cooks, you shoudl include it on the resume. Any course – official or unofficial, can help you to be better than the other applicants.


5. Personal characteristics

Chef is often the most important person in a restaurant. That’s why he should suit the working environment and posses the right personal characteristics for this position. We recommend you to mention on your resume some of the following skills and personal characteristics:

  • Calm and responsible
  • Creative
  • Able to understand the needs of the customers
  • Managing and leadership skills
  • Ability to adjust to different conditions
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Detail oriented
  • With passion to cooking
  • Constantly learning new things and dishes


6. References on resume

If you worked as an assistant chef before, or even as a cook, we recommend you to put your previous boss (head chef) as a personal reference. This person can provide a good feedback on your work. But before you do so, it is better to call this person, ask him if you can place him on your resume and ensure he will give potential employer a good feedback on your work. And, if you do it all well, you need to ace an interview too! the following website should help you to achieve it: http://restaurantinterviewquestions.com. But remember, everything starts with a good resume. Without it, you can only dream about being invited for an interview.

You should be able to compose a good resume after reading this. But if you are not, you can still inspire yourself with the following samples and articles:


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