Job application for a cashier position – Make a good resume

Your resume needs to be targeted for the job you are applying for. It makes no sense to write about your foreign language skills or University diploma, if you apply for a position of a cashier.

In fact if your CV is too good, they will reject your application. When companies look for cashier, they are looking for a person appropriate for this job, not for someone who is overqualified. They want cashiers that stay for a long time in the company, not people who would not be satisfied with this job.

Now I know what you think: Nobody wants to be a cashier for his entire life. And I agree with that… However, while reading your resume, the employers should get the feeling that you are aiming for this role and that the position of a cashier is exactly what will makes you happy for some time.

At the end of the day it does not matter if it is truth or not. Important is only if they have this feeling and hire you for the job. So, how to do it?


What you need to always have on your resume

Always include an objective on your resume.

You should start your resume with a short introduction of yourself and your resume objective. The best thing you can do is to mention that:


My objective is to be a good cashier in a good company and enjoy my job.
I want to be an exceptional cashier and do my best to improve the shopping experience of every single customer.


It may seems strange for some of you to hear this expression, but the “passion for a position of a cashier” should be reflected on your resume.


Include some relevant personal skills

There are some personal skills and abilities that are important for a good cashier. To the most important abilities belong:

  • responsibility
  • accountability
  • mathematical skills
  • friendly approach
  • being good in repetitive tasks
  • ability to work fast


If you posses any of these skills, you should definitely mention in on your resume. It will catch the eye of the employer and makes your chances of getting a job much better.


Include only relevant experience

For s position of cashier, no special experience is needed. However, if you worked as a cashier before, your chances of getting a job will be much better. That’s why you should mention this on the visible place – ideally on the first half on the first page on your resume. It will catch the eye of the employer and practically guarantee you the invitation for an interview.

However if you do not have any relevant experience, do not regret – it is not necessary for this position.


Close it with personal references

Personal references are always important. If you worked somewhere before and your boss can provide you good personal references, you should include his contact details on your resume. Very few people put references on resume – it’s your chance to stand out from the crowd.

We hope that the presented information helped you to understand how to compose a perfect cashier resume. Please, feel free to use the attached example for any purpose.


Example for your purposes.

Sample of cashier resume

If you apply for a job at Walmart, you should adjust your resume, as well as your interview preparation to it. Walmart Interview Guide should help you to find the right way.