How to: Speaking about career goals on your resume

Resume writing is not an easy profession. If you want to compose your own resume, you will have to handle several difficulties. To choose a good goal, or so called objective, is definitely one of these difficulties. We prepared for you several examples of goals to use, in order to help you with this task.

Your goal should always reflect your own wishes and desires. You can use the provided samples of goals on your resume… However, if you decide to do so, we advice you to choose the one that reflects your own goals and dreams as much as possible. In an ideal case, you should create your own career goal and use the presented list just as an inspiration. But it is up to you of course…


Good examples of your goals on a resume


My career goal is to improve my skills and abilities everyday and grow into one of the best managers in the US.

I would like to become a marketing director of a company in ten years horizon.

I want to open my own business in ten years time. I hope to work hard, earn money and reputation and start my own practice later.

My main target is simple: I want to give my hundred percent to the job every single day.

My goal is to become a better employee, better colleague, better partner and better man. I try to improve myself every day.

I aim for a constant career growth. My objective is to have a long lasting and successful career in an international company, with unlimited career growth possibilities.

I am looking for a job that will make me happy in everyday life. It is all I want.

My aim is to secure a position which will provide me the motivation, passion and feeling of importance.

I want to find a job where I can be as beneficiary for my employer as possible.


While some of the above mentioned career goals examples are suitable to be used on resume, some other are not. You should always remember one thing: Employer is not really interested in your goals and your future. He cares mostly (if not only) about his prosperity and prosperity of his company.

It doesn’t matter if you follow our examples or compose your own unique objective for resume. You should always compose an objective an employer will enjoy to read. You should speak more about him than about you. You should describe more how you can help his company to prosper than how his company could (or should) help you to prosper.

This is the secret just few job seekers are aware of. Use it for your advantage…