To get a job in business developement, you need a good resume

Business development is without a doubt a fascinating field to be employed it. To develop new marketing strategies, uncover new target markets and develop the processes in the company are just some of the thriving working duties of every business development manager. People are aware of this fact and typically more than five hundred job seekers submit an application for every single job opening of this kind.

Most of these job seekers will not have enough qualification to do the job, but it does not matter so much for you. Doesn’t matter how qualified you are for it, you need to convince the HR workers on your business development resume that you are qualified and competent for the position. How can you do so? First of all, you need to understand what skills does an exceptional business development manager posses:

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Creativity and ability to bring new thought from scratch to reality
  • Able to review strategies and company processes and develop new one
  • Strategic as well as operational planning skills
  • Controlling
  • Good knowledge of project management and process management methodologies
  • Able to take decision and be responsible for it


Business development manager should ensure a constant growth of the company, doesn’t matter if we speak about market share, revenues, or the level of customer satisfaction. Your resume should present you as a strong and confident individual with a clear vision how to uncover the places for improvements in organizations and consequently improve it. In order to help you impress the employer, we prepared for you simple guide how to compose such a resume.


Creating your resume for BD simple guide


1. Resume Objective

After the mandatory personal details, you should write a good objective on your resume. This objective should present several things:

  • Your desire to get exactly the business development manager/executive job
  • Your motivation to do your very best to help the potential employer and his business to prosper.


You can use the following example for your inspiration:

I would like to get a job of business development manager, as I believe that my creativity, project and process management skills as well as passion can be utilized on this position and bring a strong added value to my employer.


2. Working Experience

It make no sense to spend too much time writing about something the employers are not interested in. You should move directly to the working experience after your objective. We recommend you to mention only the relevant experience and add your professional achievements to every role you mention. The following example should give you a good idea.


Position: Marketing manager
Main duties and responsibilities: Planning, organizing and reporting of complex marketing campaigns
Achievements: Author of creative and very popular marketing campaign for AAA Company
Skills gained: In this position I learned to understand the needs of individual customers, to locate new target markets as well as understand better the priorities of consumers.


3. Education and courses

Adequate education is important for this kind of job. While practically any technical or management diploma will be sufficient, you should include also relevant courses on your job application.

Good applicant for this position should take part in some communication courses, project management trainings and similar things. Employers search for it on your resume. So, if you do not have anything to place there, we recommend you to enroll to one of these courses right now. It will help you as a person and also as a job seeker.


4. Personal characteristics

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned many skills that are relevant for a business development manager. Employers will search for these skills on your resume. You should think about yourself realistically: Do you posses any of these skills?

Are there any other relevant and positive personal characteristics the employer can be interested in? Make a list of your skills and abilities and place it on your resume. Employer needs to know you also as a person, to gauge if you suite the collective and working environment. Do not let him guess…

5. References

Positions in business development are pretty specific. If you did a good job on this position, a former boss or even a CEO of a company should be willing to provide a positive feedback on your work. If it is so, we recommend you to mention his contact details on the resume. You can read more about this topic in our references on resume section.

You should be able now to compose a good resume for this position. But if you need any more help, feel free to inspire yourself with the following sample and other articles on – Let’s Write a Perfect Resume.

Resume suitable for business development