Guide for everyone who wants to save money on resume building

You can find many resume builders online. However, most of these programs let you to download your new resume just after you pay for it. If you do not pay, all the work invested in resume building will be wasted. It’s a good business model and these companies know what they are doing.

But not everyone of us has money to pay for such a service. We want to build our resume without paying anything. In this era of free information, it makes no sense to pay for such a service, does it? To build a resume for free, you will need to use more than just one online service.


Build it on your desktop!

These online resume builders are for lazy people. Their functionality is in fact always limited. In fact, the only advantage they offer is to build your resume quickly. If you think about it for a while, many job seekers use these resume builders.

Therefor using it, your resume will look like millions of other resumes exactly. And that is certainly not good for your job application. To catch the eye of the employer, you should make your resume unique. And, you can do it actually, free of cots. A good resume. It will take just a little more time, but it is worth the effort. You can count on me in this. Please, find below an easy step by step guide how to build your perfect resume for free.


Step by step guide how to build a resume for free

Step 1: Download and install Open Office
Open office is a free software in which you can build a perfect resume. You can download it 24/7 from here: Open Office Download.

Step 2: Download several free resume templates for Microsoft  Word
This is actually a special part of our tutorial. Popular program like MS Word offers anyone many free resume templates. You can find a good selection here: Free resume templates for MS Word.

Once you download these templates, you can open them with an open office. Open Office is the free program. You have a huge selection of free resume templates also. It is time to come to a third step – to build your resume!

Step 3: Choose the best template for you, in accordance with the position you are applying for and the length of your experience.
You can find many good articles to the topic of resume format and layout on Be picky at this stage. You should not use the first available template. Think about it for a while and choose a good one.

Step 4: Fill in the blank spaces and build a resume for free
Your job is easy now. All you have to do is to fill in your details in the template, upload your picture and that’s it. Save the final version of your resume. You are all set to apply for the job now.

Step 5(optional): Convert your resume into the .PDF format using free .PDF converter
PDF is a popular document format nowadays. Documents just look better in this format. Plus it has other advantages, like a small size and inability to modify.

Using PDF Creator, a pretty intuitive to use software that acts like a printer on your desktop, you can convert your newly built resume into PDF format. You can download the program here, for free: PDF Creator download.


In this guide we showed you it is possible to make a nice resume, without paying anyone or being super skilled with computer. It will take you little more time than using the paid online resume builders, but on the other hand, final result will be better and you do not have to pay for anything. We wish you good luck!