There does not exist one ideal format for a resume

Is there really anything like ideal format of a resume? Just think about it for a while. Would an ideal resume format for a fresh graduate be the same as the one for someone with twenty years of experience? If you look at it realistically, you will understand that there is nothing like a best layout really. We all are different, speaking now about recruiters and interviewers.

While some people may really like a certain format of your resume, some might hate it. The reason does not always to be rational. For example, they can connect a certain resume format to someone who disappointed them strongly in the recent past, and automatically would not like anyone who uses the same format.

Now wait a minute…. I know what you are saying there at your home office… You think that it is not fair to consider someone’s application according to the format of resume he used. Well, you are right. But in this world, many things are not fair. Either you can cope with it and do your best to choose a decent format for a resume, or you should try being self employed or make money any other way…


Things to consider when choosing best resume format

First thing to keep in mind is to use a resume format you will be able to fill.

On the internet, you are going to find various formats, and some of them may include facts and notes you would not understand. Honestly, it makes no sense to even start with such a layout…. It will only make you additional troubles. Therefore, you should choose a format that will be easy for you to fill.

Then, you should choose a format that you would personally like.

Do not think too much about what an employer would consider being the best one. You do not know his preferences and so it makes no sense to judge it. Just take something you like a lot and use it.

Try to choose a resume format that reflects the state of your career.

While for some people a basic, one page layout resume will be the best one – for example the following one: Basic resume format, for some others, a more complicated and detailed will be better. You can have a look at the following format – detailed resume format.

If there are no experiences behind you, it makes no sense to go for a lengthy resume format.

Rather choose a one page layout where you can stress what is most important for the position. We write more to it in the topic of resume format, or other sections of the web.

If we should add several characteristics of good format of resume for you, without considering who is going to read it, it would be the following:

  1. Your resume should be organized in this format
  2. It should definitely contain photo (people with photo on resume are invited twice as often to the interview when compared to people without it)
  3. Best one is the one you feel good about personally.


We hope that this article helped you to understand that there are more important things to focus on while composing your resume than the format of it. Check out something about the perfect resume or browse other content on the page to get complete understanding of it. We wish you good luck!