Bartenders do not need typical cover letters

Some jobs are very specific. One of them is definitely a job of a bartender. If you decide to apply for this job, University education or lengthy list of experience will hardly help you or impress the employers. You need to focus on different things on both your resume and cover letter. Particularly, it goes about the following things:

  • Bartender experience or any other experience from the catering area
  • Social skills and communication skills
  • Ability to handle problems and stay focused


Honestly, it is not so typical that companies look for bartenders using job boards and collecting cover letters. If they do so, it goes most likely about bigger network of bars or a really big company. If it is a case, you need to approach this task very carefully and pay enough attention to your cover letter. If you apply for a job at Starbucks, the procedure is even different, with online application and a tricky interview. STARBUCKS Interview Guide will tell you more about this.

As was mentioned before, communication skills are important for the people behind the bar. So, you should demonstrate that you have a good level of it on your cover letter. Let’s have a look now at the example:


Example of a cover letter for bartender applicant


Dear Mr. Smith,
I decided to apply for a job of bartender in your company, advertised on 12/4/2011 on the pages of ResumeSwan. I believe that I suit your company environment well and can be a strong asset for your team.
I have a true passion for bar-tending, that is reflected in a strong satisfaction of both my previous employers and customers. Please, find specific references on the attached resume.

On my previous bartender positions, I was able to create a stable base of customers that were returning to the place on a regular basis. I would like to try to achieve the same results in your company.

I graduated from two bar-tending courses and also took part in various seminars to improve my understanding of customer needs and communication skills. Therefor I hope to be the right person for this job.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I am ready to meet you in a job interview anytime

Best Regards
Jerome Tuomor


This is a good example of simple, but effective cover letter. You should notice especially the following things:

  • It is written in a little informal, conversational style – exactly this style of communication is desirable for a good bartender.
  • Jerome talks a lot about what he can do for his employer, such as build strong returning customer base, improve the level of satisfaction, etc..
  • Jerome focuses on his cover letter purely on things that are strongly relevant for this position – such as relevant experience, courses for bartenders, communication sills, etc.

If you follow this example and couple it with a good bartender resume, you should be able to get a job. We wish you good luck in your job search.