What to write on resume for an automechanic?

man repairing a car as a mechanicAuto mechanic is not a manager. It seems obvious, but apparently it is not. Once I look at an resume of applicant for this job, I can see that the author did not understand the resume creation process correctly.

Honestly, to wear a tie on your photo on your resume for a car mechanic position is really not a good idea. As well as to brag about your experience at Wal-Mart or your team leading skills. These things are for sure important, but not for an auto mechanic. Car mechanic should live and breath his work and this should be reflected strongly on his resume. Let’s have a look at such a breakdown of a good resume for this position. Each section on it has it’s own intention and each one should convince the employer more and more that you are the person he is looking for.


Samples of sections on the resume for mechanics

Personal details, introduction and picture

Every good resume starts with a picture of yourself, short introduction as well as contact details. However, you should try to not write a lot here (especially in the contact details section, as it’s not that important). Still, if you choose a good photo (ideally in a boiler suit while working), this should create a good first impression. Such a picture of you repairing a car and smiling at the same time presents you as someone who really likes his job and who already has some auto mechanic experience.

It would be a oversight to not include such a picture on your resume. It can easily win you an interview invitation or even a job.
When speaking about a short introduction (two or three bullet points describing you from a perspective that matters from a job), you should stay job related. We have found the following formulation on a good car mechanic resume.

  • Experienced car mechanic that loves his job
  • Responsible and detail oriented person
  • I work hard but also smart


Resume Objective

Also a car mechanic should have an objective. However, this should not be to become a managing director or to own your car repair shop in the future. Such objective would simply not help you in your efforts to get a job. You should simply mention that you would like to be good at your job and work for a good company.


My objective is to have a steady job of a car mechanic in a company that can benefit from my experience, skills and love to car repairing.

Simple, to the point and effective. That’s the way your resume objective should be.


Working experience

We recommend you to mention only related experience. To mention any managerial or white collar experience is not recommended. Employer can easily get the feeling that you are overqualified for the job and will leave as soon as there is better opportunity available for you. Though this doesn’t have to be the truth, you should realize that the feelings of the employer matter more than the actual truth.

Education and courses

Education is really not something that matters a lot for a mechanic. If you have a University degree, we recommend to not mention it on your resume at all. You should simply focus on the school and the courses where you have learned to do your job and repair cars. If you have any certification related to the job, you should definitely mention it.


Other sections on your resume

You can mention also your hobbies, personality and skills as well as some personal references. However, if you do not have any references or you feel that your hobbies will not look good at the resume – do not mention it. These sections are not obligatory and in general, shorter resume is better than the longer one.

We wish you good luck with your job application.