Do You Want to Become Assistant Manager?

Position of assistant manager is a great career start for a fresher. You get an opportunity to learn a lot of things from the more experienced colleague, as well as make a good impression and get a real managerial position later. It is especially good position in retail, at Target, where you can get a job quite easily, with a help of Target Interview Guide from Mathew Arnolds. However, there is one problem on this idyllic story: Too many freshers apply for every position of assistant manager. If you really want to get this job, you need to do your best to compose a unique resume, to make a good impression on the HR workers.

In average, more than 300 people apply for every position of AM in the US. HR workers do not have it easy either-  the resume of every applicant is pretty similar to the other resumes. These freshers simply have similar background and very little experience. However, being an applicant for this job, you can focus on some special parts on resume, such as introduction, objective and personal characteristics to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of busy HR employees.

We prepared for you some tips and examples of every important part on assistant manager resume, to help you to understand how to do it correctly. Please, feel free to use it for your own job application.


How to make it right – examples


1. Introduction and professional picture

A nice, professional picture, that presents you like a motivated, smiley and positive applicant for assistant manager position can help you to receive an invitation for the interview. That’s why you should always and invariably include your photo on resume. It does not matter if you look like a super model or are a pretty average guy. The key to success is to present positive emotions on the picture. Next to the picture, you should write some personal and contact details. We recommend you to include also year of birth, as employers are interested in this number.


2. Resume objective

Personal introduction should be followed with a short and to the point resume objective. You shoudl present a clear career goal here, and also let the employer know that you are a sponge with high potential, that is ready to soar and provide a full potential later on. Let me show you a good example:


My objective is to get a position of assistant manager where I can develop my huge personal potential, learn a lot, but also help my superiors and all the organization. Later on I would like to switch to a managerial position, ideally in the same company, to develop my potential further and help the business to prosper.


You should simply present a clear vision in your objective. Employers always think about long term possibilities when they recruit assistant managers. They do not want the people to leave after they teach them all the things… That’s why to show them that you re loyal and will prefer to stay with them also in later stages in your career is important.


3. Working experience

Most of the applicants do not have any experience. If it is also your case, never mind. You should simply mention any kind of part time job or school job where your duties were connected to assistance, computer work and management. Employers realize that assistant manager is one of the entry level jobs. And they do not expect you to have any kind of broad working experience on entry level resume. All in all ,you should try to understand the way of thinking of the interviewers better. Some interview questions for managers should give you a good hint about it.


4. Education and courses

You should mention your University, high school and any relevant courses and seminars on resume for assistant manager. However, instead of just naming the institutions where you studied, we recommend to to list several subjects related to management and computer work, so the employers understand what your school gave you and how it prepared you for this job.


5. Personal abilities and skills

Typically, the education and experience section is very similar on various resumes of assistant manager applicants. That’s why this personal abilities section is so important. You should mention here the skills that are relevant for the job, and also potentially some managerial skills. Here is a list to help you:

  • good communication skills
  • ability to take orders and work according to it
  • ability to work individually, without supervision
  • ability to teamwork
  • decision making skills
  • good computer skills
  • typewriting
  • listening skills
  • planning skills
  • positive attitude
  • ability to learn quickly
  • ability to work quickly


6. Other section on assistant manager resume

If you consider it appropriate, you can include also foreign language section on your resume, as well as computer skills or personal references. However, if these do not represent your strengths, we do not recommend you to use it on your resume. It’s up to you to decide.

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Sample assistant manager resume