Objective on a resume of administrative assistant

We live in times of high unemployment rates. For every job opening, hundreds, if not thousands of people submit their job application. Especially when it comes to general positions, like an administrative assistant, the competition is pretty tough. Sometimes I do not know what is more difficult. If to be invited for an interview, or to ace it. In the second case, some administrative assistant interview questions can make a difference. In the first one, I hope this article will help.

One of the ways how to make a difference is to write a unique and specific objective on your resume, which will catch the eye of the employers and secure you couple of interview invitations… It is not easy to do and many people struggle to compose it. But do not be afraid. We will show you what shoudl such a great objective include on it and also show you two samples you can take your inspiration from.


Things needed on your resume objective

  • Strong desire to be employed in the type of company representing the one where you are sending your application to.
  • Few skills or abilities that makes from you a great administrative assistant from a point of view of an employer.
  • Something eye catching or unique the employer will remember, in order to help you be remembered and invited for the interview.


The creative people could be ready to prepare the objective for the resume… however, we want to help you even more. Check out below the samples for administrative workers, that show you how to write, and how not to write this important part of a resume.


First sample objective – the correctly written one

Being a responsible, detail oriented and hard working person, I am looking for a job of administrative assistant in a company with good reputation and organized working environment, exactly like [name of the company where you are sending your application] is. Approaching my work with smile and passion, I really hope I can help you to not only carry out all the daily working tasks, but also to feel good in your daily job.


This was an example of a non selfish, employer desires targeted and unique resume objective for admin. assistant. Did you notice it? All the time, the candidate speaks only about the employer, and why she can be an asset for his team. Coupled with few compliments regarding the reputation of the company, this resume objective can hardly be done any better.


Second objective – the one to avoid.

I am looking for a job where I can use and be compensated for all my strengths and administrative skills. An ideal workplace for me should be a very challenging, but friendly one, with no over times. Social benefits and nice colleagues, that is what I am looking for to be happy in my daily life and do my job well.


Hopefully the difference is apparent from you. While the first candidate speaks about the employer and how she wants and can help him, the second one speak exactly about opposite things. She speak about what she wants and what the employer should provide. What do you think: Which administrative assistant resume objective the employer prefers to read? Which candidate gets more invitations for the interview?

It is apparent, it’s the first one… Use it for your inspiration and get it done. We wish you good luck in your job search!

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