How to address your cover letter?

It can be difficult, especially if you do not know who is going to read it. There are several things you can do in this case. First one is to try to find who will read your cover letter, despite there is no name on the ad.

Addressing a cover letter to a concrete person in a company will always catch the attention of this person. It will work especially well, if you hit the nail on the head and address it to the right person. Just imagine that situation. All the other job seekers will send their cover letters to the “hiring manager” or to the “to whom it may concern”. But you will address it to the name of the person who will be reading it. This gives you a huge advantage over the competition, immediately. Consciously or not, the person reading your cover letter will like it, because of her name on it.


But it is possible to identify who is reading the cover letters in the company?

There are several ways how to identify it.

  • You can locate the older advertisements of the company and search for a relevant name there
  • You can use social media, like LinkedIn for example, to identify who is responsible for recruiting in the company.
  • You can make a call and ask the receptionist for the name of the recruiter in the institution
  • You can use some advanced Google search algorithms to identify who created the ads or who reads the emails from the job seekers in general. (Note: this advanced technique is recommended only for people skilled with Google. You can learn about it on other pages of ResumeSwan.)


Addressing a cover letter without the name

If you can not find the name, you will have to address it generally. It may be a problem, especially if you do not know the gender of the hiring manager. (In the USA, women hold more than 70% of recruiting and HR positions). Anyway, you can choose one of the following cover letter salutations:

  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • Dear Representative of Recruiting Department
  • Dear Representative of Recruiting Company
  • Dear Sir/Madam

If you do not know the exact name of the person, it is not really important what salutation you use. It is really not something that decides who gets the job… You should focus more on the content of it than on the salutation. Use the pages of ResumeSwan to understand how to write a perfect cover letter. We wish you good luck!