Writing an acting resume – What to focus on?

It is pretty hard to get a job of an actor, especially in the US. The competition is very tough, taking into account the huge number of young people interested in this job. However, a good resume format can make all the difference between success and failure in this case.

Actors should be creative. And you should keep it in mind when choosing a good template for the resume. A typical resume you use when applying for a job in the office would not do a good job for you in this case. Please, keep that in mind.


Movie directors are too busy to read long resumes.

People hiring for commercials tend to be pretty busy. Plus, they are used to receive just too many job applications. That is the reason why your acting resume needs to be eye catching and interest the employer in the first moment. You have just five seconds. Grab the attention of the employer, or your resume will end up in the rubbish.

To include a bigger picture of yourself, compared to the typical resume template, is definitely a great idea. Physical appearance is very important for the acting jobs. Movie and commercial makers will not even waste time with the resume without the picture.


Good template needs to be eye catchy and short

These people in the acting industry are not used to spend all the time reading resumes and cover letters. Taking it into account, you really should focus on one page long templates for acting resumes only.

Having a limited place to present yourself, you need to know what parts on the resume should you focus on. You need to be picky in this case. Resume objective is definitely one of these parts. To mention in your acting resume objective that you want to become a very famous actor or actress can help you a lot.

Just think about it. Every single movie producer would be glad to have this possibility to say once that he worked with the superstar. It is just another reflection of your creativeness.

You should also pay attention to the working experience section. A good acting resume template should emphasize strongly that you already have some experiences with acting. It does not matter how relevant your experience is. Even if your only experience is a short theater act in the school, you should mention it there. People in acting industry hate novices.


References on resume are always important.

People in movie industry know each other pretty well. If you have already worked for someone, include his name on your resume. It doesn’t matter if this person gives you good or bad feedback after that. In most of the cases, they will not call him. It is just good to have that name on your resume.

Ideal resume of an applicant for acting job does not exist. However, we hope that we have helped you to understand the characteristics of a very good one. We wish you all the best in your acting career!
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