Writing a good objective for accounting resume

Often the first part of the resume the recruiter looks at is your resume objective. It is quite easy to write an objective if you are a starting manager or fresh graduate applying for a trainee position… But what if you are applying for a position of an accountant? What should you do in this case?

Just think about it… Employer probably does not want to see there that you want to have own accountancy company in three years time, or that you plan to switch your career in few years. However, it is often true when we speak about such a position like an accountant, with minimum possibilities for career growth. So, what to write as your objective so it would look like realistic but at the same time it will be positive for the employer?


If there is no way to grow up in the company, then do not mention it

If you are applying for a position in a big accountancy firm, then there is always a place to grow. If it is a case, you can calmly write that your objective is to do your job as well in order to have a chance to become a senior accountant or accountancy consultant in the same company in three or five years in your accounting resume objective.

However, once you are applying for accounting position in a company that does not specialize in accounting and is simply looking for an accountant to take care of their book keeping internally, it makes no sense to write about any career growth. It’s simply not possible in such a company and so if employer sees it in your resume objective, you’ll very likely not be invited for a face to face interview.


Focus on other factors on your objective for accountant

Resume objective is not only about goals, visions and desires. It is also about showing the employer how great candidate for the job you are and what you can do for his company. This shoudl in fact represent a core of every single well written accounting resume objective. Let’s have a look at the following sample to understand better how it is meant.


As a responsible and detail oriented person with practical experience with corporate accounting, I am looking for a job in a company that can benefit from my accounting skills and experience. Give me a chance to present you how your company can benefit from the proficiency, accuracy, and speed I do my work with while doing my daily job I love – the job of an accountant.


So, what do you think? In the presented sample objective, you not only show the employer clear reasons why they shoudl at least invite you for the job interview, but also stress things like “how can your company benefit from“, “I love accounting job”, etc., what are other positive aspects and formulations all the employers are looking for.

When composing your objective or career summary, you should forget on yourself for a while. Think what you are able to bring to the company. Think how it can benefit from employing you. Mention it in your objective and you can be 100% sure to receive plenty of interview invitations. We wish you good luck!